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ChorePay Partners with Major Manufacturers and Retailers to Provide Unique Online Shopping Experience for Kids

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

ChorePay, a leading online chore and household management tool for families, has introduced a complete redesign of their online marketplace, the ChorePay Mall.

“What better way to teach kids financial responsibility and money management than allowing them to browse, shop, and make purchases with a sense of complete independence?” remarked ChorePay COO Jeremy Jacola. “Of course parents still maintain ultimate control of their child’s purchasing and spending, but the experience is designed to provide the child with a real sense of independence.”

ChorePay members can shop and take advantage of exclusive deals from partners such as Crayola, GameStop, Mattel, ModCloth, PacSun, REI, Skullcandy, Warner Bros, and dozens of others.

The ChorePay Mall is not limited to traditional commerce. Children also have the opportunity to visit charities and non-profits with an option to donate. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have also partnered with ChorePay to provide education and information to children about the impact they can make through donations.

Jacola: “Our goal is to provide a well-rounded financial educational platform for families to take advantage of. Offering this educational opportunity through a familiar Mall format ensures that it’s simple and easy for parents to teach their kids about money management.”

About ChorePay provides a free online tool for parents to organize and centralize their childrens chores. Beyond run-of-the-mill online chore charts and allowance tracking, this includes complete money management for the child with goals of education about saving, spending, and donating their earnings.

Founded in 2011, ChorePay is a small team of parents whose goal is to engage families and make the whole chore process not so much of awell, chore. They believe it should be fun. Very fun.

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Shop Susan’s Love List: From an overcrowded dorm room closet at Carnegie Mellon to her dream dressing room in San Francisco, Susan Gregg Koger, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at, has many a memory to share when it comes to personal style. Here, she takes us on a tour of her carefully curated collection of vintage treasures and favorite finds. Music by Bess Rogers “One Step Free”
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[ENG] ZE:A’s fashionistas?

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Video Info: My one and only Fashionista = Im Siwan lol Kwanghee is just following him! XDD What’s going on with magnae’s animal print love?! omg
Video Rating: 4 / 5 and Rare archive fashion and beauty film of the top five designers of the 1950′s.Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain and Jaques Fath. Enjoy the opulent style of this most glamourous of decades.
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Get Your Kids the Best Designer Clothes from Kids Closet

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(PRWEB UK) 27 December 2012

Originally, it was a small store, which was essentially focused on making designer baby wear for kids in the family. In due course, the owner Caroline Mckain decided to progress further with a new line of business.

The business actually gained momentum right from 2001, when a lot of local customers started acquiring childrens designer clothes from the store. Its from that time, Kidscloset store started as a full-fledged business aiming for commercial success. At present, store is exporting comprehensive range of kids designer wear worldwide and especially in the United Kingdom, Japan, Europe, Australia, Scandinavia, New Zealand, North America, Eastern Europe, Canada, South Africa and an extended region of Asia. Presently, they are not in partnership with any famous retailer, but essentially focused on selling designer products to the small and self employed entrepreneurs. These small entrepreneurs can sell childrens designer clothes on eBay and other online sites. Thus, the products have a thriving online market in recent years.

Whats more! Store has released their new range of collection in Shoes and Accessories for kids in 2002, which was certainly a new feather on their crown. Since inception, the Shoes and Accessories of Kids Closet have earned immense popularity in the local as well as in the world market.

What is Exclusive in Childrens Designer Clothes of Kids Closet

At present, store stocks a huge selection of discounted designer babys wear which are gently worn. Most of them are hand woven and are of superior quality. The designers at the stores take special care in making clothes with are free from any flaws, stains, rips, so that they do not cause any rash or damages to the soft skin of the kids. Kids Closet is known for exclusive and high quality of customer services. With it, they not only earn good yearly turnover, but also win over the trust of the customer.

Cheap Men&Women Clothing! www.second hand Review. Fashion, thrift shopsing shops stores 2011

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Cheap Men&Women Clothing! www.second hand Review. Fashion, thrift shopsing shops stores 2011

***PLEASE, READ*** URL: www.second hand Dreams come true with www.second hand! You can find the most stylish clothes at the lowest prices imaginable in www.second hand If you can’t believe it, just check it once and see this “price-paradise” with your own…
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New York. NY (PRWEB) December 21, 2012

What does the Sexy wedding dress look like? Super short mini dress or low neckline wedding dresses? Today, tastes are much broader, but it is still important, things like cost and popularity when selecting a dress for that special day. If the budget is prepared, designer clothing may not have the way to go, but it is also important to examine the spot. A designer dress probably does not make much sense to say outdoors, wear a wedding on the beach. Instead of a beautiful beach wedding dress would be more appropriate.

Style 1: Deep V-Neck wedding dresses

V-neck princess wedding dresses secret affair with a woman, it allows you to show off thousands of sexy style, you can decorate your little face and upper bodies are defective. Select V-neck princess wedding dresses and a Lace wedding gown, indeed enjoy a cool room. V words in the mouth of this type will open the chest until the middle of the chest or, more skin exposed, or exposed half of the fullness of the two peaks, infinite Happy Together, enjoy the unique beauty of a woman, bringing the one of the sexiest moments at your wedding party. With delicate satin texture of yarn, simple way to trim out of the atmosphere elegant contours; use of smooth lines, full of aesthetic taste of the bride, deep v neck with a skillful hairstyle just right to show sexy and elegant.

Style 2: Trumpet/Mermaid wedding dresses

Mermaid Wedding Dresses are nevertheless dominating the catwalk. Prior to you begin your marriage ceremony gown searching; you may need possess an obvious information about your individual body type. Simple slim Trumpet/Mermaid wedding dress design, spread out skirt cascading out of the rich texture; upper-body with hand-embroidered is the most innovative element, conjured up sexy curves, fit like the personality of the bride. You can check at

Style 3: Asymmetrical wedding dresses

Short and long avant-garde design, combining thin yarn and thick satin, conflict and harmony of beauty; brides can according to your own imagination, a variety of collocation, gave off a distinct personality and sexy.

Style 4: Sheath/Column wedding dresses

Sheath wedding dresses ( seem truly nice and stunning on healthy and adjusting brides. Sheath garments have a far living feeling on all on your marrying day. But you must be confident and assured regarding your form and physical structure fashion in order to practice the sheath wedding dress. Senior white satin is the best interpretation of the noble choice. Seemingly random hair style with the slightest sense of laid-back, wander out of a sexy spring is in the air.

Style 5: Strapless wedding dresses

A growing number of men and women are heading on the internet to acquire a Strapless Wedding Dresses, and this could make all the distinction, specifically if youd like to save, when getting a beach wedding dresses. There are many other possibilities also. We realize that wedding ceremony magazines usually possess the most recent wedding dresses, even so, in most wedding stores; you will not find these newest choices.

Style 6: Translucent wedding dresses

In this style, we use special material for the upper body make the whole wedding dress very sexy. The translucent lace looming to show a woman’s sexy.

Style 7: Smooth satin wedding dresses

Liquid silk satin, tall bride is required to manage; there is no complicated decoration, folding design brings out the casual sexy in the chest; with a pearl jewelry, romantic and luxurious!

Style 8: One-shoulder wedding dresses

Below dress is full of texture tulle bursting out with the romantic beautiful light, simple and pure. One shoulder style, perfect show thoracic curves, sexy yet demure!

Style 9: Halter wedding dresses

At your best friends wedding. If you are the bride, how can you choose the attractive halter wedding dresses? The answer is v neck halter wedding dresses. As we known, v neck Mermaid Wedding Dresses show the womens infinite charm, attractive halter is hundred percent. This sexy style is the star of Europes favorite Aunt Level.

About brings you a super range of thrift store locations, bridesmaid, and other formal party dresses etc,. Amazing discount offers is one major attraction of that offers every bride all her wedding needs at affordable prices.

Your/Company Name: thebridalgowns

Email: thebridalgowns(at)gmail(dot)com

Company Location: Taxes, United States

Website Address:

Phone number: 1-(662)-786-0880

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Evening Dress Promotion with 48% Off from, as Sandy Brings an Online Shopping Boom

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(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Monster storm Sandy has swept a wall of churning sea water and driving rain onto the eastern United States affecting 50 million people. The people are required to stay at home until the storm passed, which may lead to an thrift shop boom. Now,, a leading online shop of used kids clothes shop, is launching an evening dress promotion with 48% Off.

This promotion will be valid in one week only, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 5, 2012, and it is specially designed for those who have to stay at home at the time of Monster storm Sandy. All the used kids clothes shop in the promotion are featured at: rich choices, fine tailoring, meticulous production and effective transport services.

On the website of, customers can find their favorite used kids clothes shop they like easily. has promised to spare no energy to provide ample products for costumers as soon as achievable.

With the high popularity of the internet, the frequent occurrence of disastrous weather has brought an unprecedented and powerful thrift shop boom, because more and more people have turned to select the Internet to shop at the time of a hurricane storm to spend the boring time.

Eason Chen, General Manager of the company, said, The the internet is absolutely a good invention, and it can help customers find more options from the whole world. Many online retailers offer quite excellent discount on womens dresses, like us. In this promotion, our used kids clothes shop get a discount, up to 48% off. Besides this, we have also some cheap cocktail dresses in promotion, with an extra 35% discount. We believe that they will be a stimulator of sales in the next few months.

About is well-known for its used kids clothes shop and vintage vintage second hand clothinging store with unique individuality and honorable exclusive feeling, and it is ready to help customers to grab the spotlight with fine dresses in few seconds.

More information can be found at:

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Cheap used clothesping! And... Get Your Jax impression on!.MP4

I’ve got no shame. I took all of the change from around the house and got some chic for second hand clothinging “Jax” style clothes. And when I say cheap, I mean Cheap. I got 7 items for 4 dollars! I also have some nice prizes for whoever can inpersonate me the best! Go on, get your best “Jax” on!!!
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how to draw and design clothes

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this video is about drawing and design a shirt and a skirt
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♥ Closet tour ♥Designer clothes, shoes & more+ my own designs (Part 1)

Welcome to my closet இCloset tourஇ.if you love fashion..designer clothes, shoes, bags jewelries to be creative and design your own clothes, then this video will be fun to watch (^_^) I will be giving away lots of stuff to my supporter “subscriber” before flying back to LA so stay connected . This is Part 1 of my “Closet tour”.. I will post Part 2 when I get another chance. For those of you would like to download my music , see my music videos, photos & much more check out my website here.. Thanks for watching! With much love & peace (AA)
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Designing Dresses : How to Cut a T-Shirt Into a Dress

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You can cut a t-shirt into a dress by following a very specific process. Cut a t-shirt into a dress with help from someone who has worked at some of the elite American fashion houses in this free video clip. Expert: Amanda Perna Contact: Bio: Amanda Perna has worked for two of the most elite American fashion houses: Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein. Filmmaker: Heredia Films, LLC Series Description: Designing your own dress can be a great way to express yourself creatively if you just give it a chance. Learn about designing dresses with help from someone who has worked at some of the elite American fashion houses in this free video series.

latest salwar kameez fashion in pakistan 2010-2011 We have several Designer Suits, Shalwar Kameez, Anar Kali Suits under 0, 0 & 0 range.. Designer Salwar Kameez online at affordable prices.Click below to see more details
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Fashion – Victorian 2 (Crinoline, Bustle, Sisi dresses)

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just women’s clothing, because for me it’s more interesting than men’s clothes. ;) …. feat. Sisi dresses sources: Pics of the dresses: & the ones I took at the museum. music: from the Soundtrack of “Elizabeth-The Golden Age”, “Legends of the Fall” movies which are set in this time: -The Young Victoria -Sweeney Todd -Cold Mountain -Silk -The Piano

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