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15 Responses to Baby Boy Clothing Haul

  • newbornbabyclothing says:

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  • wuwu melinda says:

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  • ConsultantTricia says:

    Too cute when she started singing. Gotta love the attention span of a two year old <3
    Great clothing haul!

  • foxfacesuzy says:

    Hannah is sooo cute! I love then she sings!! Wow good deals on baby clothes!! How do you find consigment sales close to you?

  • lovenaturedogs16 says:

    Hannah is too adorable. At the end when she was singing…my heart melted! She is so beautiful she could be a gymboree model!

  • LilCLT Crystal says:

    Hey Carla! If you like Consignment shopping you should try ThredUp!!! I have got some GREAT almost new clothes for both my son (5years old) and my daughter (1 year old)! There is a link to the site on my video response, and they carry all seasons of clothing :)

  • kateymateymusic1 says:

    Wow! What bargains! I think you paid very good prices. No need to waste money when they don’t stay in it long!!

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