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Where I Buy My Clothes! | Black Friday

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Could Ikea Move Into Fashion?
He explains, “We're already seeing some shoppers go to outdoor and living stores to buy longer-lasting clothing. Ikea already sells reusable Kr 4 bags that are good and cheap; their clothes could be equally practical, as strong as work clothes.” While …

As Putin celebrates birthday Russians hurry to buy clothes adorned with
People in the capital Moscow have been clambering to buy clothes emblazoned with the Russian leader's face on the front. The Putin merchandise comes in a variety of designs, with one sweatshirt featuring a black and white picture of Putin wearing …

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Truworths Boosts Children Clothes Sales With Earthchild Buy
Truworths International Ltd. (TRU), a South African clothing retailer, plans to boost its offering to children after completing the purchase of high-end chain Earthchild Clothing (Pty) Ltd. for an undisclosed cash sum. The proposed acquisition of the …
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Florida Hurricane Season: How to Prepare

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

Lack of preparedness doomed Floridians when Hurricane Andrew came. Since then, the American Red Cross and the National Hurricane Center have been giving tips on how to prepare for a hurricane.

1. Get Informed

Floridians should keep in touch with the weather. Floridians must also be aware of the vulnerabilities of their house and neighborhood. They must know if the house will break because of the winds and its flooding risk.

2. Get Provisions

You should also have plenty of flashlights, candles and other light sources. If possible, get a generator to power your home in case the light goes out. Aside from light, you will need plenty of bottled water. Have a battery radio to keep you informed. Keep your cellphone charged. For food, have canned goods and other nonperishable goodies. Avoid raw items; they will rot should the lights go out. Lastly, you will need a first aid kit.

3. Secure your Home

Floridians must board up windows. Bikes, gnomes and other items outside your garden should be stored inside your home. Pets should be taken to an animal shelter. If not, keep the poor animal inside your house during the hurricane. If you live near a large body of water, purchase a life raft or boat, in case of flooding.

4. Evacuation Plans

Decide on a rendezvous spot, in case your family gets separated. If you have a working vehicle, make certain to have it filled with gas, before the storm. Evacuate when told to do so. Follow your evacuation routes and avoid shortcuts, for they may be flooded. Be familiar with the routes leading to the nearest hurricane shelter. In Florida, most shelters are schools. Before departing, turn off all electrical appliances in your home, in case of flooding.

5. Things to Pack

Floridians must have waterproof luggage to protect important personal documents, something light but very resistant that has compartments for your passports and other essentials, something with a lock as you will be carrying security documents inside. Luggage Online has a five-piece Samsonite brand set on closeout for this hurricane season. You will need to store in it photocopies of medication list, medical information, and proof of address, deed to home, passports, birth certificates and insurance policies. Also take with you plenty of cash. Have a bag filled with emergency supplies, like canned food, blankets, first aid kit and a change of clothing. You will also need to pack rain gear, sunscreen and insect repellant. Lastly, take a camera with you to document the damage done on your property.

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Cheap Womens Coats for the Autumn 2013 Online at, a Popular Womens Clothing Online Store

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(PRWEB) September 14, 2013

The dress company has recently updated its website, unveiling its new collection of 2013 womens coats (, which are designed for women needing high quality coats and other dresses for the autumn 2013.

Not only are the new womens coats fashionable and functional, but the prices are so affordable; the prices range from $ 46 to $ 88. The company claims that every customer can receive a flat rate shipping; the orders over $ 50 are of free delivery worldwide as well. With nearly 2000 womens coats in stock and ready for shipment at any time, is ready for the possible shopping wave. According to a sales manager of the company, the special offer is available until Sept. 30, 2013. To sign up to become a member of, register online on its website please. Those who want to buy cheap womens coats should take action now. is a a leading womens used clothes store well-known for a great number of award-winning designs, and the company is looking forward to a greater success in the years ahead. With the distinctive marketing strategies and premium quality dresses, is not a dress company to underestimate. The company also ensures that every customer will receive a safe, secure and private online shopping experience.

Offering many trendy designs and fashion accessories, is a leader in the dress industry. The company is now examining the key issues affecting the market heading into 2014, and forecast growth and major changes through 2015.

About is one of the leading providers of womens dresses. The company carries a complete line of womens dresses, as well as elegant mens dresses and various accessories for men and women. For a full list of services and to learn more about, please visit

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