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2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic: Social Media & The Holiday Shopper, What Brands Need to Know

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2013

Clever Girls Collective, the content and social media agency that connects brands with female bloggers and brought you one of the most successful social media campaigns ever (#SFBatKid), today released their 2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic: Social Media & The Holiday Shopper. Clever Girls Collective surveyed a group of nearly a thousand holiday shoppers and found out how social media will influence their shopping and spending this holiday season. The results show that holiday shoppers find inspiration and deals across all social media channels and that no single social media channel wins out in terms of influence.

The results of our survey show that brands cannot be channel specific with their holiday social media campaigns, said Stefania Pomponi, Founder and President of Clever Girls Collective. Food and fashion blogs remain critical sources of information, as well as brand websites, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. An effective social media plan reaches all of these channels and can directly impact purchasing decisions.

To capture the widest audience, brands need to work with bloggers and offer coupons to drive the most effective campaigns, said Cat Lincoln, Founder and CEO of Clever Girls Collective. Clever Girls has an extensive network of bloggers and the ability to incorporate a variety of social media outlets into a single campaign.

Specifically Clever Girls Collectives 2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic survey found:

Arrive Chic Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with “Travel Pink”

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

The fashion-forward travel accessories e-commerce company is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October by donating 10% of all retail sales of their e-boutique pink items to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Maximizes Retail Savings on a Tight Budget

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Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

Less money means less spending. Most folks are keenly aware of this going into 2013, and major retailers are no exception. Stores like Target report slower sales in January from the higher payroll tax.

Pocketbooks are thinner, but calendars are still packed with expensive birthday and holiday purchases. founders have expanded the free content on their daily blog to include the very best retail deals on footwear, clothing and jewelry for the whole family.

Like the highly successful grocery couponing strategies that garnered the site national acclaim, the new retail side offers a combination of coupons, promotions and sales to stack savings. Featured dealsverified prior to posting mean discounts of at least 50% and include numerous tips on how to maximize retail savings:

Sales Jobs- Getting to the Buyers in a Global Village

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Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

The world has transformed into a global village and therefore a boundary-less market. It is believed that sales and marketing are the fields where individuals will never be out of jobs due to the rising consumerist behavior across the globe. Individuals are always looking forward to buying new clothes, new gadgets, or whatever it is that youre willing to sell to them. If they believe they will need it, they will surely buy it.

This consumerist behavior has given rise to another form of selling; e-selling. Electronic selling aims at selling products to consumers through online advertisements. Thus, the sales jobs have shifted from shops and physical markets, to websites and online markets. Consequently, the employees skills and requirements have also transformed from people who can do personal and direct selling, to people who can convince the buyers through the internet and possess some basic marketing expertise online such as SEO, back-linking, etc.

The increased use of credit cards has also facilitated online sales jobs and led to the expansion of the total workforce. You can be someone sitting in Asia and sell your product all the way in Africa, thanks to the internet and the growing trend of globalization. If you are jobless and a good seller, the online sales jobs await you, regardless of the state of your countrys economy. Maybe people are not spending money on goods and services in your state, but they definitely are just across the border.

Sales jobs require you to have polished communication skills and the ability to convince others. will enable you to find quick sales jobs and earn a handsome amount of cash to have you going through the month. Unemployment is only a choice because DotComSecrets can do otherwise. You dont even require work experience or excessive documentation and formalities; just apply through DotComSecrets and get your first paycheck.

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