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Selling Vintage Clothing to a Consignment Shop

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Selling Vintage Clothing to a Consignment Shop

Selling Vintage Clothing to a Consignment Store – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats. When and if you are thinking about selling your clothing to a second hand clothing, you wanna do some research first. You wanna check that boutique out, go online and make sure that their policies are going to match with what you want to do. Different stores have different policies: some stores will take your clothing and they will never return it, regardless if the item sells or not, that is their policy. You need to be aware of this and you need to be aware of pricing and payment. Take a good look at those vintage items that you would like to get rid of and consign. Make sure that those items will give you back the full return in your money. Because thrift shopsing is an investment. An article that you paid 10-15 dollars for can be resold maybe at 40-50 depending on the garment. Certain garments have higher resell value than other garments. Right now fur is a great item that is reselling quickly and easily. Cowboy boots are also another item that can be resold and made money. So make sure you know what you are asking for and what you are looking for when you go into that second hand shop. Make sure that you know what the breakdown is going to be and what fair taking and a fair seasonal or not.

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