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Charity shops: they exist for good causes, not to satisfy bargain hunters
On the day of the article, I went out wearing a complete outfit from Thrift store and all good-quality high street or better names, totalling just £64. And, no, they weren't tatty and, yes, I received admiring comments on how I looked, followed by …
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We all like a bargain from a charity shop but their main job is to raise funds
As the annual season of conspicuous consumption gathers its strength for one last swig of fizzy booze tomorrow night, the Thrift store must be rubbing their hands with anticipatory glee. All those unwanted Christmas presents will soon be heading their …
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Britain's Thrift store go after the label-conscious but risk alienating the
June Houghton, 83, from Rhyl in north Wales, pointed to a necklace in the window of an Oxfam shop in the town of Beaconsfield, southeast England. “That's £150!” she said in disbelief. “I don't care if it's real gold, you don't sell that in a charity …
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Are Southport's large number of Thrift store good for the resort or not?
A PROSPECTIVE Conservative parliamentary candidate has stood up for the resort's Thrift store – despite some claims that they are a blight on the high street. Southport resident Brian Duckett believes that there is more to the Thrift store than the …
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