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The Perfect Long Weekend in Providence
One of the city's best secondhand stores, it carries clothing, housewares and second hand clothinging store, some of it dating back to the 1920s. Retro-kitsch togs and accessories are the specialty at year-old Bananas (381 Broadway, Cluck! offers urban …
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Erie tailor specializes in Civil War re-enactment costumes
One of the tools Ben Jenkins uses for making his old-style clothes is a pair of scissors made in the 1820s. (Lewis Geyer … "If I have to start from scratch to construct something, I use a cheap fabric like muslin for the mock-up. Then, I move the …
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Fresh News About: Cheap Used Clothes

Bangladeshi factory workers pay the high cost of thrift shops
A local politician, he used his influence to circumvent building regulations in order to extend a complex rented out to factories making clothes for cut-price store brands such as Britain's Primark. But the world's big retailers, most of which have …
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Millennials Are the Unluckiest Generation
It also means moving out of your parents' home, renting a place of your own, paying for food and clothes, buying a car, getting married, having children, buying a house—all the trappings and expenses of a middle-class life. These life stages drive a …
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