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How to sew Children’s clothes – FREE children’s sewing pattern – girl’s skirt

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Step by step instructions for making a girls’ skirt. Get the free children’s sewing pattern in sizes 1 to 8 at…

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Summer Vacation? Go AheadTake the Kids

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BUFFALO, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Whether its by car, plane or boat, traveling with kids for a summer vacation could look similar to an episode of Survivor. Long trips and the hustle and bustle of traveling can be hard on young children. It wreaks havoc on their routines and tests their patience (and ultimately yours), which can be a recipe for disaster.

However, traveling and exploring new places is an important experience for children and shouldnt be sacrificed. It is an opportunity to bond as a family and create memories. With a few tips from Christina Fecio, director of education and training at Doodle Bugs! Childrens Centers, a leader in educational child care, you can perfect the travel experience and focus on enjoying the vacation. And, if youre lucky, you may never hear are we there yet?

Think about Logistics. As fun as it may be to leave caution to the wind and play the trip by ear, you need to have your game face on when traveling with little ones. This includes planning the time of the day to leave and arrive at the destination, when to stop for food or what clothes your child will be most comfortable sitting in all day. As little disruption to their sleep or eating schedule is important and the key to managing meltdowns.

Bag of Tricks. Depending on your childs age, you may need to help with the gathering of items for the bag. It should include toys or activities that will help keep them busy, but also snacks and bottled water. Think about crayons and coloring books, reading books, Legos, dolls, etc. A cookie tray often acts a magnet board or something steady to do their coloring on that wont send the crayons flying. To make this even more exciting, let them pick a new bag for the trip. The disclaimer is they need to be able to carry the bag, or its not so big that its overpowering.

Make it Interactive. Distraction is not the only way to make traveling with children manageable. Consider games or activities that involve the whole family, which can be done while in the car or at the airport or even on the plane. Reference lessons your child is learning at school and build upon that. Try initiatives like Simon Says, singing songs or have a puppet show using socks. Create a bingo board on a magnadoodle by drawing a simple grid with pictures of things youre likely to see (stop sign, train, tree, truck, etc.) and have your child cross them off as he sees them.

The Secret Stash. This is probably the most important thing you can have on the trip. This is your go-to bag, containing dollar store toys wrapped like presents, surprise snacks that the kids dont know about, or extra markers, wipes, tissues, second set of clothes in case of spills and anything else that will keep them entertained or distract them from getting upset.

The trick, as parents, is to have realistic expectations. Babies will cry, toddlers may tantrum, siblings may bicker, and everyone will probably have whiny moments, but those moments will pass and they dont have to ruin a trip, Fecio said. Its important to embark on travel well prepared, but the key to a successful trip really is to not sweat the small stuff.

Founded more than 20 years ago by siblings Anthony, Clarine and Anna Insinna, Doodle Bugs! has remained family-owned and operated since its first center opened with 24 students. Today, the company is the official child care provider of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, operates more than 10 corporate and franchised locations from Upstate New York to Pennsylvania, and has expanded its Doodle Community to more than 2,000 families. For more information on Doodle Bugs! Childrens Centers, please visit

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Connect, Commit 2012: Children get a Head Start in life

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Connect, Commit 2012: Children get a Head Start in life
Cleveland County Head Start helps preschool children with emotional, language, health, cognitive and physical development. The organization is seeking volunteers and donations of children's clothing to help fulfill that mission. "Head Start's creative …
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The emperor's new clothes
We are all familiar with the children's tale, the fleecing of a kingdom by swindlers that offer a new royal wardrobe better than all others. Only the worthy can see (of course even though it can't be seen, no one will admit being unworthy). Just keep …
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Still Waters: What to wear?
As he collected the children's offering at church, the little tyke eyed my outfit and asked something to the effect, “Why do you always wear that?” I wanted to respond with something like “How'd you get to be such a smart Alec?” What are you, 6? Who …
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People News: Small Children's Clothes Closet gets grants
Small Children's Clothes Closet gets grants. The Small Children's Clothes Closet at Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ in Lansing has received $ 2,500 in grants from the Patrons and Lansing Fund of the Capital Region Community Foundation.
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Baby Clothing Thieves Hit Carter's in Utica 2x in a Week
The week before, the Utica police arrested three women who had gone on a crime spree and stole about $ 700 worth of children's clothing at Carter's Babies R Us, Gymboree and the Children's Place. Related Topics: Carter's, Crime, Thieves, Utica Police …

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Children's Store Opens in Downtown Wheaton
Wear & Share, an upscale children's consignment shop, opened at 139 N. Hale St. in downtown Wheaton on Labor Day, after about two years at its College Avenue location. The store consigns children's clothing, toys, furniture and books in good condition, …

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