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Popular Australian Custom Clothing Company Relocates to the US, Debuts New Explainer Video

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

After eight successful years in Australia, custom street wear company Reform Clothing has moved their base to the US this month. Citing interest from US markets as their reason for the move, Reform has already gained much fruition from orders based all over the country. They attribute their popularity to their highly customizable designs, offering a web-based design tool that allows the consumer to truly make the garment their own. As all garment are 100% custom-made to order, customers can customize absolutely everything, from the colors and styles through to the designs and personalized names on each garment. For those that are less design-savvy, Reform also offers in-house designers that work with their customers to create just the right look.

Founder Dan Dynon shares, “We wanted to start the company because the senior class garment options we were seeing out there were pretty dismal, usually just a logo slapped on a cheap t-shirt. Our garments are high-quality and fashion forward. These aren’t items that will be worn on the day they’re received and then discarded; we wanted to create something that would have lasting appeal, that students would actually want to wear. Our company’s culture is really young itself, so we feel like we really ‘get’ what students are looking for in these kinds of items.”

Like many companies that have great solutions to real problems, Reform Clothing needed an efficient way to simply explain their product and why schools should consider ordering from them. That’s when they turned to Fire Starter Videos, one of Hollywood’s top animation companies that specializes in helping companies explain what they do quickly using the power of animated videos.

Dynon is excited to use the new marketing tool he created with the animation company. “Fire Starter Videos nailed the cool, youthful look that is essential to our brand. We really feel like our potential clients are going to understand what sets us apart from our competitors when they watch the video.”

Reform Clothing offers a huge variety of customizable varsity jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, knitted sweaters, cardigans and more. For more information, visit

Fire Starter Videos make all kinds of animated videos from whiteboard animation videos, to animated cartoon videos to videos that demonstrate software. Their clients include MasterCard, UNICEF, Hayes, the World Bank, and more than 200 businesses, governments, schools, and other organizations. They are located at 7083 Hollywood Blvd.

To view examples of their work and commission a video, please visit their website at or email Adam Hudson at Info(at)FireStarterVideos(dot)com.

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