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Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes(PROBLEM CHILD ENT)

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Boston Officials Will Utilize Additional Security Cameras at the Boston Marathon

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 19, 2014

City officials and the Boston police are finalizing their plans to beef up security efforts at the 2014 Boston Marathon by placing more than an additional 100 security cameras funded by the Massachusetts Police according to This year real time images will be fed into a network of eight command centers. Along with surveillance camera footage, the feeds will also include footage from other cameras from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which include 435 cameras that will provide monitoring of the majority of bus trips and station footage to be scrutinized by authorities. Randy Clarke, senior director of security and emergency management at the MBTA explains, It changes the whole dynamic so if an incident does happen, everyone has the same awareness of whats going on.

Most of the security cameras have been mounted on high poles that are difficult to spot by passer-byers along the 26.2 mile route through eight cities and towns that will end in front of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. Microphone sensing technology will also be used to pinpoint the exact location of loud noises or gunfire. This year the number of runners is expected to rise to 36,000 and the number of spectators is estimated to reach 1 million, doubling the number of spectators in 2013.

Police and state agencies will be also provide live footage from public cameras that will be integrated into a single system, which would allow multiple agencies to monitor crowds simultaneously.

Security cameras played a key role in identifying the Tsarnaev brothers who planted two homemade bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon event that killed three people and injured 260 others by reviewing the video footage on the finish line. Surveillance cameras provide authorities the ability to view suspicious behavior with a birds eye view. Bullet Cameras are one of the most popular cameras used for surveillance because they are essentially a plug and play unit that can be quickly programmed for immediate use. They also provide additional options including weather resistant materials for outdoor use, infrared, which allows viewing in low light or poorly lit areas and vari-focal lens that allow wide angle, up close or distant viewing. The flexible design and weather resistant housing makes the bullet camera an ideal combative in the fight against terrorism. PTZ Cameras also top the list as one of the most flexible cameras due to their ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on a situation. They are commonly used in large areas where camera movement is essential for extension coverage. The image quality of a PTZ Camera provides a high resolution image to be used in a court of law.

Additional preventative measures include prohibition of backpacks and handbags carried by participants, containers with more than 1 liter of liquid and clothing that covers the face. Large flags and blankets have also been added to the list of items that will be denied entry at the event. Police presence will be doubled, with 3,500 moving within the crowd aided by bomb-sniffing dogs.

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Fashion archive: Jeff Banks brings thrift shopsing stores to the high street

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Fashion archive: Jeff Banks brings thrift shopsing stores to the high street
The crocheted dresses and puff-sleeved blouses so beloved by the 'dollybirds' of the day were his creation. But the momentum of the Sixties was dissipated and, somewhere along the way, the fashion industry ceased to utilise the best of British design …
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'House of Versace': Designer clothes triumph over drama and drugs
The family behind the name is the subject of Lifetime's "House of Versace" Saturday, Oct. 5. Enrico Colantoni ("Veronica Mars") plays the mercurial designer, killed outside his Miami mansion in 1997 at the peak of his fame. Though the film revolves …
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Who needs designer duds when you have Cardinal clothes?
Cardinal Nation is hoping to clinch the National League pennant tonight, and we think fans are taking advantage of casual Friday to show their support. Show us the Cardinal jersey or gear you're wearing at work today, using #cardsatwork in your Tweet …

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Funny Fur Online Pet Boutique Announces New Lower Shipping Rates and Discounts

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Houston, Texas (PRWEB) March 31, 2013

Funny Fur, a leading online luxury pet boutique, has recently lowered their shipping prices for online orders to the United States and plans on offering international customers a shipping discount in the near future. In response to customer requests, Funny Fur has planned out specific changes to take place over the next few months to the increase customer satisfaction for online orders.

Customers who order pet products from the companys website will notice not only lower shipping costs but also a lower free shipping offer. Previously, free shipping was offered on orders over $ 300 and now Funny Fur customers only need to purchase $ 200 worth of dog clothes, pet carriers, and other pet accessories in order to receive free shipping.

Funny Fur is currently working on lowering shipping rates for their international clientele as well. Customers can expect to see a change in international shipping by summer 2013 in the form of a shipping discount or promotion.

Lowering shipping costs is only the first change in Funny Furs change for increased customer satisfaction. More promotions, contests and special offers are planned as well as changes in their return policy.

Deals for customers who follow Funny Fur on their social networks like Facebook, Twitter and by newsletter will see more promotions and discount offered specifically for them. More photo contests and giveaways will also take place.

We love to hear from our customers. When we have a majority of people asking for something we will do our best to fulfill their requests. says Funny Fur associate Karen Clark. We greatly value customer opinions, after all, we wouldnt be here without them!

Funny Furs shipping price decreases and other changes throughout the business is expected to earn better customer satisfaction for pet owners. Have a question, comment or suggestion for Funny Fur? Contact them via phone, email or social media and let them know!

About Funny Fur

Funny Fur is a luxury pet boutique dedicated to helping pet owners find everything they fancy with convenience and ease, all in one place, for their stylish dogs. Happy dogs and their smitten pet parents dig there for fashion forward designer dog apparel and clothes, one of a kind doggy couture wear, fashionable pet carriers, designer dog accessories, dog collars and harnesses, eco-friendly grooming and spa care, novelty dog toys, handmade pet jewelry, organic dog treats, pet furniture, premium and all natural & holistic pet foods and treats, and other fabulous dog gifts and goodies. “At Funny Fur, you can turn your pup into a prince or princess. Everything dog, everyday. Happy pets dig here. And that’s the way we like it.” Funny Fur contributes to local animal rescues and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the wellness of animals.

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how to draw and design clothes

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this video is about drawing and design a shirt and a skirt
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♥ Closet tour ♥Designer clothes, shoes & more+ my own designs (Part 1)

Welcome to my closet இCloset tourஇ.if you love fashion..designer clothes, shoes, bags jewelries to be creative and design your own clothes, then this video will be fun to watch (^_^) I will be giving away lots of stuff to my supporter “subscriber” before flying back to LA so stay connected . This is Part 1 of my “Closet tour”.. I will post Part 2 when I get another chance. For those of you would like to download my music , see my music videos, photos & much more check out my website here.. Thanks for watching! With much love & peace (AA)
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