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Discount Childrens Clothing

Used kids' clothes cut cost of back-to-school shopping

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Used kids' clothes cut cost of back-to-school shopping
Pulling out a $ 6.50 Gap jacket and a $ 7.50 Levi Strauss version, Redmond said that vintage clothes store sometimes carry merchandise that's just too flimsy and doesn't hold up. "Here, you can get name-brands for cheap, then pass … According to the National …

Mich. dad's murder charge dismissed in missing baby case
LUDINGTON, Mich. – A judge has dismissed a murder charge against a Michigan man accused of killing his missing daughter, who was 4 months old when she disappeared. Mason County District Judge Peter Wadel in Ludington threw out the open murder …
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After Taking a Beating Overseas, Tesco Seeks Comfort at Home
Separate sections are reserved for F+F, Tesco's own clothing brand, and consumer goods like bicycles, children's car seats, vacuum cleaners and fresh flowers. “Today's customers have more leisure time and they've told us that they want a real …
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Community Notes: Sept. 15
The Wendell Woman's Club is having a consignment sale for children's clothing, toys, and accessories, Sept. 27-28 and Oct. 4-6, at the Wendell Woman's Club house at 10 S. Cypress St. Drop off times are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 13-14, and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m …
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Thanksgiving: on the Busiest Travel Day of the Year – Pedestrian Reflectors from Safees Save Lives

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(PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Who knew that something as simple as a small, shiny reflector could save lives? Safees pedestrian traffic safety reflectors increase the wearer’s visibility by a average of 500%, reducing the risk of an accident by up to ten times. Safees reflectors are inexpensive at only 4.95 each and easily available and shipped from

On average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every 120 minutes. Almost two-thirds of pedestrian fatalities occur when the light condition is either dark or dark with street lights.

No matter how well a driver thinks he can drive, the fact is that visibility is severely impaired in the dark. Pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and others not driving a vehicle are at great risk to be hurt simply because they are not clearly visible to traffic.

Safees pedestrian traffic safety reflectors make adults and children alike more visible, and more safe, on our roads.

Simply by attaching a Safees reflector to adults or childrens clothing increases their visibility to oncoming traffic by anywhere between 300 and 1,000 percent (depending on distance, darkness, weather, placement of Safees). That can be the difference between being safe or not.

Safees hard prism reflectors are attached with a clip on spiral at knee or thigh height. By letting the Safees swing freely, facing traffic, it will reflect oncoming cars headlights and increase visibility, alerting drivers to a childs or pedestrians presence on the road and giving drivers more time to stop or steer clear and thus avoiding accidents. (See video for how Safees work:

Scandinavian countries have the best traffic safety records in the world and reflectors have long been household staples. In fact in Sweden every school child wears one and traffic fatalities involving children are the lowest in the world Unfortunately the US has one of the worst accident rates in the Western world. (WHO: Global Status report on Road Safety).

Safees are manufactured in Finland and are CE and Lloyds certified and adheres to all relevant ISO standards as well as meeting the very high EU standards for environmental consideration; no waste is produced when manufacturing Safees and, naturally, Safees are themselves 100% recyclable.

By attaching an inexpensive, cute and fun Safees to our children and ourselves, we can greatly reduce the risk of getting hurt in traffic. Wearing a Safees will reduce the risk of being hit by cars by up to ten times.

Safees can be attached to anyone moving around in traffic: pedestrians, cyclists, horses, strollers, pets, skaters, etc.

Safees are available at They retail at 4.95 USD each and come in wide variety of fun designs and colors. Discounts are available for schools and nonprofit organizations.

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