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Save Big Money on Clothes
So, to get some great tips on buying clothes at a discount, I went to Andrea Woroch, a personal finance expert. First off, Woroch says store markdowns typically start on Thursdays, contrary to conventional wisdom. Yes, you normally see sales advertised …
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Can Tax Free Weekends Revive Retail Sales?
Colleges open in late August. It used to be a period of frantic preparation and a rush to stores for new spiffy clothes and backpacks. Not so in recent years. … Which categories of merchandise included in the tax-free sale varies by state, often …
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Those Period-Proof Underpants: Fat Edition (And A Discount Code For All!)
And with a discount code to help absorb some of the price difference, my love of these drawers overwhelms my wallet and restraint! Because 25% is a big deal! And this really is the best underwear I've worn. I am taking advantage of this discount code …
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Online discount apparel shopping part 4:
By now you have a good list running of online sources for affordable clothing, and you know the places that are either a waste of time or a potential risk to your security. There is one last place you should add to your list, and that's …
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