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5 Ways to Layer Clothes | Winter Fashion | Fashion Lookbook

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Layering your Winter clothes — without adding bulk — can be one of the biggest styling challenges during the cold-weather season. But when the temperatures d…
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All this stuff was purchased about 5 days ago from this posting so most things should still be available! Please Subscribe to my VLOG cha…
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Drawing: Cartoons & Fashion : How to Draw a Sketch When Designing Clothes

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When sketching to design clothes, begin by drawing a general human outline, sketch out the clothing on the form and do several preliminary sketches before de…

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How to Recycle Old Clothes into New Fashions : Tips for Turning Old Clothes into New Fashion

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Learn about recycling used maternity clothes into new fashions in this free video clip about thrift shopsing. Expert: Julia Barbee Contact: Bio: Julia Barbee has degrees in Marketing and Three-Dimensional Design. She has shown her work nationally, and her clothing line, Frocky Jack Morgan, has been featured in regional fashion shows. Filmmaker: Jon Collins
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Blog: Clothes: Motel Amanda bar dress Asos revive leather shoulder cardigan Asos lace shoulder pad top Rare topshop bandeau dress Glamorous sequin shoulder dress Urban Outfitters quilted shoulder dress Pepe waist belt Republic misco sequin square dress…

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