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Fashion For Less

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Are Less Controversial Fashion Ads A Sign Of Progress?
According to WWD's Lisa Lockwood, controversy in fashion campaigns is dead. In the past, Marky Mark's body was used to sell underwear, a model's pubic hair was used to sell Gucci, and straight-up naked people were used to sell cargo shorts to teenagers.
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The older I get, the less makeup I need
I recently conducted an audit of my makeup box/drawer/bag/bowl (a lateral filing system developed by location of stash, frequency of use and/or current preference). I mention this because it raised an interesting point, which is that there appears to …
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Back-to-school shopping lesson: Choosing the perfect backpack
Also, take a good look at those zippers, which fail on many of the less expensive packs, and look for self-repairing nylon coil zippers. Details, like bound-seam construction inside the pack, secure shoulder-strap connections, reflective material for …
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This Just In About: Fashion For Less

Designer for less
Dying for Balenciaga, Prada or even Jil Sander? Now you can pay your rent and still get the look at your nearest fast-fashion chain. More than ever, stores such as H&M, Zara and Topshop are bringing runway to reality with blistering speed — sometimes …
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Q&A: Stacy London tells “The Truth About Style
The longer I'm on “What Not to Wear,” the less I believe in hard-and-fast rules. Don't get attached to a specific clothing size — wear what fits. No one is going to accost you and check your sizing label; they will be arrested. Less is more. I truly …
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