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Dita Von Teese, Hands Off Our Boobs
Excited new father opens door to maternity ward to meet his newborn with champagne, flowers, a balloon, and a package under his arm. The package contains the lacy, underwired bras of the Dita Von Teese Maternity Collection. Little does he know that it …
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Spanx stretches into new territory
The Signature style has a wide, high, waist panel that zips at the side and calls to mind maternity pants. Spanx jeans did not make anyone shout "Hallelujah!" They are merely another option in a sea of options. Women reportedly try on an average of 15 …
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New York, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2014

Pregnancy is an amazing experience for many women and with it comes a myriad of emotions, but the one thing that every woman can count on is the physical changes.

Six weeks into my vintage clothes stores I couldnt button my favorite pair of jeans. I know it was expected, but I didnt anticipate my waistline to increase so early on. Felicia paid a visit to a local cheap vintage clothes locations to look for a few comfortable inexpensive jeans that would fit her through the duration of her vintage clothes stores. She tried on a few pairs from various designers, but realized that her options were limited in regards to fit, comfort and price. Finding a pair of nice fitting maternity jeans can be challenging and rightfully so. Maternity wear designers can’t determine how much each expectant mother’s shape will change; its a case-by-case scenario. Although a good amount of Lycra or spandex is incorporated into the pant waistband to accommodate a growing belly, fit challenges are still present for the lower region of the body. A second factor was cost; with so many expenses to consider after the birth of a child I didnt feel the need to invest so much for a pair of jeans that were uncomfortable, unflattering and also have a short shelf-life.” Felicia decided to take her old jeans and convert them into vintage clothes. In her YouTube tutorial she shows expectant moms and DIY lovers step-by-step instructions on how to convert their favorite denims to maternity jeans. Currently, her tutorial ranks #1 on How To Make Maternity Pants.

Another concern that every pregnant woman will encounter is the appearance of stretch marks. Although my mother had multiple births, she developed stretch marks during her first vintage clothes stores. I could have given in to the inevitable and developed stretch marks, but instead I began doing research on different stretch mark prevention oils and their effectiveness. Research has suggested that stretch marks are genetic and preventive oils will not assist in stopping them. Felicias first video was uploaded during her second trimester, in which she gives a brief overview on several products and provides other useful suggestions to avoid stretch marks such as diet and exercise. Her follow-up video shows her belly at 33 weeks stretch mark free. Felicia is currently 39 weeks and thanks to Mama mio tummy rub oil, diet and exercise she has been able to avoid stretch marks throughout her vintage clothes stores. Since some women notice stretch marks after delivery, she will be posting her final follow-up a few weeks after her delivery. Currently, both of her videos are ranked on YouTubes first page for How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy.


Felicia Zanguiabadi attended the Fashion Institute and has interned with world-renowned fashion designer Vera Wang. Determined to share her knowledge with others, she developed tutorials for sewing, draping, and designing garment pieces. Within a short amount of time, her videos were positioned among the top ten YouTube instructional videos. In November 2013 she also expanded her format to include easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

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Are you expecting a baby! Have you priced a good pair of maternity jeans! Expensive! In this video I will show you how to convert a pair of you old favorite …

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Trendy, stylish used kids clothes helps pregnant women look and feel great
Pregnant women often find they must sacrifice fashion for comfort to accommodate a growing baby in their tummies. Krystal Stubbendeck, 28, realized this dilemma as she watched her expectant friends and relatives try to look fashionable and feel …
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How to ensure your bum doesn't look big in white maternity pants
For example, the Me-a-Mama white linen maternity pants available at tick both those boxes with their well-placed pockets and touch of lycra to ensure a proper fit. Given these pants more relaxed cut – which is right on trend …
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Swap and save for children's fashions
While giving used clothing to charity is one way to clean out closets, Bradley says “I still have to buy more clothing, so this way, I get a little something for (them).” This week, Minitrade will be launching a women's and maternity collection …
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4 Ominous Signs of the Mom-Jeans-Wearing Spouse
I think for most of us it starts with the maternity clothes. Only a Kardashian can justify spending a ton of money on clothes that will get worn for only a few months. The rest of us begin to get comfortable with the idea that there will just be …

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At Haggar, Everything Old is New Again

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At Haggar, Everything Old is New Again
A leading maker of men's casual, dress, and tailored clothing—and one of Dallas' iconic hometown brands—Haggar has begun highlighting the company's 87-year history and its many notable innovations in the pants business. Back in 1938, Haggar coined …
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Kate Middleton's Maternity Style — 7 Items You Can Buy Right Now (PHOTOS)
But we all know one woman who killed it during pregnancy. Kate Middleton. Yeah, I know she has buckets of money and every designer on earth wants to dress her, but the thing is: she really didn't always spend $ 2 million to look fabulous. We can all …
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Charlo woman creates dolls – from frames to painted faces
Toni wears her original clothes, but Wamsley also has kept a set of used maternity clothess clothess she sewed for the doll when her own mother was pregnant. Wamsley didn't begin making dolls until the mid-1980s, when she and friend Grace Megahan saw a display of …
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