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“At Last an Easy Way to Wax your Boat,” Helmar Distributors Offers Nanotech WOW! Products to Fit the Bill

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(PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The best part of polishing and waxing a boat is standing back and admiring the shine after the work is done. But who wants to do all that work. The traditional way of polishing and waxing a boat can be very tedious. However, Helmar Distributors says its easy when you use a Nanotechnology product called WOW! The two WOW! products Helmar Distributors offers are Nanotech WOW! Finish and Nano-primer. It is so easy to apply all you have to do is spray it on, relax for about 5 minutes and then buff it out. It’s that easy.

Helmar Distributors an internet company who specializes only in Nanotechnology waxes, has sold WOW! for the past two years. The owner says … “No other product on the market is so easy to apply and to work with. Once you start using WOW!, you will never go back to rubbing polish or past.”

WOW! is nether a polish or a wax but a water based, eco-friendly polymer that offers an invisible protective barrier to any surface. Because WOW! is Nano-technology based, the tiny nano-sized ploymeric particles penetrate four times deeper on any surface than the traditional polishes and waxes.

Odette Kent, a long-time boater from Maine has this to say about WOW!…”In 2007, I was introduced to Nanotech products. The idea that there was a nontoxic, water based product that would eliminate or cut down on the sea growth on the boat bottoms without having to use Anti-fouling paint was very exciting. We gave it a try. Application and cleanup was a breeze! We did not take any of our boats out during the season to clean and when we finally took them out at closing there was only about 1 inch of growth and it was spotty (the spottiness probably due to inexperience in application). We are looking forward to using it again and with a little more careful application maybe there will be no growth this year!”

WOW! comes in a handy 16 oz bottle with a trigger spray for $ 20.00. There is also a sample pack available for $ 5.00 which includes a 3 oz bottle of WOW! Finish, a 3oz bottle of Nano-Primer plus a Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth. Nano-primer is best used on porous surfaces.

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