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Second Hand Furniture

Dongtai: Let’s Meet at 2nd Linyi Hardware Fair

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Zhengzhou, China (PRWEB) November 22, 2014

According to iAbrasive’s latest news, Dongtai Abrasives Co., Ltd. is preparing for the 2nd China (Linyi) Hardware Fair to be held on Nov. 21, 2014.

Linyi is China’s second largest shopping mall and an important product collecting and distributing center. The 1st Linyi Hardware Fair received fruitful results and it has become the first exhibition in east China that specializes in the hardware industry. So far, over two hundred companies will attend the fair as exhibitors. The exhibiting area covers 50,000 square meters and the expected visitors will hit 100,000. The exhibiting booth of Dongtai Abrasives Co., Ltd. is C2.

Gao Zhaodong, the general manager of Dongtai Abrasives Co., Ltd., reveals that currently, major sales channels of Dongtai include attending exhibitions, online platforms, Baidu Online Marketing Service, etc. In recent years, Dongtai has been an active player in various exhibitions both in China and internationally, including Shanghai Cologne Hardware Show, KOFAS Seoul 2014, the Hand Tools & Fastener Expo 2014 held Chennai, India, just to name a few. Dongtai’s staff expressed their opinions about the exhibitions. They think that although it takes much energy and time to prepare for an exhibition, the face-to-face communication during exhibitions is helpful for abrasives purchasers to know more about Dongtai and its products. Besides that, Dongtai has also benefited a lot from, the abrasives B2B webportal, through which the company can do foreign trade more efficiently.

About Dongtai

Located in Linyi, Dongtai Abrasives Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of flap discs with sizes 4” 5” 6” 7”. Dongtai was founded in 2003, and with continuous development, at present the whole factory of Dongtai covers an area of 60,000 square meters with 260 employees. Dongtai owns several independent brands, such as Dongtai, Luyan, Dongrui, and its featured products mainly include flap discs, flap wheels, and mounted flap wheels. The products of Dongtai are known for good and stable quality and have been widely used in wood, machining, used clothing store, automobiles, plastic and other industries.

Author: Liwei Chu

Copyright:–Abrasives & Diamond Tools Market

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The Go-Betweens, Secondhand Furniture (1984)

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Recorded for John Peel on BBC Radio One on October 21, 1984 and broadcast October 29, 1984. Re-released as Spring Hill Fair bonus track.

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Second-Hand Furniture – Hard To Distinguish From Each Other

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Second-Hand Furniture - Hard To Distinguish From Each Other

From the album Second-Hand Furniture — Nice Try, Sunshine.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Your 5-Part Pet Evacuation Plan (Because Pets Cant Read)

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Newtown Square, PA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

It happens. The hurricane hits or the flood waters rise and everybodys got to go. Evacuate now! And that includes furry, four-legged family members. But heres the thing: Most hotels show pets the door. And you can bet Aunt Tilly wont love your Rottweilers paw prints on her new imported rug.

So whats a responsible pet parent to do? Plan ahead. Just follow this disaster-proof plan from Petplan pet insurance, just in time for Animal Disaster Preparedness Day on May 10.

1. Chip In: It seems like a no-brainer, but staggering numbers of pet parents simply dont ID and microchip their pets. Not sure if your dog or cat really needs an ID or microchip? Ask yourself this: Does your pet have magical speaking abilities? Can she ask the nearest person to call you for a ride home? If the answer is no, then your pet definitely needs an ID and microchip. This is especially important during emergencies. If you get separated from your pet, those essential forms of ID are your best chance of finding each other quickly.

2. Tagg, Youre Safe: Dont know where your pet went? Dont worry, Tagg-The Pet Tracker does. Just clip the Tagg GPS collar on your pet, then fire up your mobile device or computer. Thats it. Tagg tracks your pets activity levels and whereabouts instantly, so youll know if hes hanging out with the dog next door or accidently locked in someones garage. In an emergency or when traveling, Tagg locates pets who get lost in the chaos or hide in new surroundings. And since it tracks activity too, it can even help keep them in prime condition. No wonder competitive dog handlers, like Jen Gaytan, dont set paw on the road without it. I travel with competitive dogs to several venues, and I use Tagg on each one in the event one is taken or is lost, says Gaytan. The comfort of knowing I have this immediate access to locate one of them is priceless. The activity monitor feature on Tagg is outstanding as a way to keep my competitive dogs fit before, during and after an event. I think this helps reduce injuries.

3. A Kit for Kitty (and Doggies Too): You already have the bottled water and first aid kit set aside for your two-legged family. So nows the perfect time to add a few emergency supplies for your furry family, too. Dr. Jules Benson, VP of Veterinary Services at Petplan, recommends packing a supply kit with one of everything your pet needs to stay healthy and comfortable away from home. Other than your dogs absolutely essential squeaky toy collection, Benson recommends including several days worth of food, bottled water, regular medication and the leash and bedding he needs every day. Whats the one thing people often forget? Benson says, Car restraints and secure carriers are so important when traveling with pets. To prevent injury or escape during an emergency or just a family road trip, make sure youve got them both on hand.

4. Accommodations for Dalmatians (and every other furry friend): Shocking as it is, most people are not as happy to see our pets as we are. This can be especially true of hotel staff, friends with new used clothing store even some emergency shelters dont allow pets. Thats why now is the perfect time to map out a safe haven for your pets, long before any disasters or emergencies occur. Whether its a pup-friendly hotel or a cat-crazy cousin, find that warm, welcoming place where you can cuddle up with your pets until the sun comes out again.