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College Football Countdown | No. 47: Arizona State

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College Football Countdown | No. 47: Arizona State
The run-game yardage is somewhat new, particularly when it comes to short-yardage situations: Kelly was used more heavily last fall on third down, particularly when facing a conversion between five and seven yards, and became an invaluable asset inside …
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Eid shopping in full swing
Meanwhile, a large number of people who could not afford to buy Eid items from big shopping centers and complexes are seen purchasing clothes and shoes from vintage clothes shops shops due to their low income. While the poor class segments are seen buying …
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Domingo does not rule out SA win
Despite falling well behind in the game after conceding a first-innings deficit of 139 and using most of day three to play it safe, South Africa coach Russell Domingo left open the possibility that his team could still win the second Test. "If we can …

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Free People is Headed to Miami in Early Spring

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(PRWEB) January 15, 2014

Specialty fashion brand, Free People, is coming to Miami, Florida in early spring with consecutive openings of two dedicated boutiques in January and February 2014. The first to open will be a 2,500-square-foot store at Dadeland Mall, opening January 31st, in the centers newly developed wing. Free People will be one of the final retailers to take residence in the new location. The second opening in the area will be a free-standing boutique on Collins Avenue in Miami Beachs famous historic Art Deco district. The 2,600-square-foot store is scheduled to open its doors on February 28th.

The brands retail division has been rapidly growing, and Miami is a city that has long been on the companys radar. In January 2012, Free People operated 62 boutiques nationwide, but in just two years the number has grown to 90 locations across the US and Canada, as well as the launch of two stores in Japan. Additionally, with demand from the Miami area on the rise through Free Peoples ecommerce business, the company is confident that the citys loyal customer base will share in the excitement for the opening.

The city is full of creative individuals whose style speaks directly to the brand, says Beth Wehagen, Free People Director of Retail. Free People has long felt ties with Miami and its eclectic beach vibe.

The Miami stores will be designed around traditional Free People concepts to align with the brands look and feel. Dadeland will include quintessential Free People elements such as glittering plaster walls, reclaimed wood floors, and quilted patchwork accents. At the Collins Avenue boutique, the original storefront will be preserved with the only addition to the building fa

Resolute Fitness to Open 2nd Austin Location

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

Resolute Fitness, Austins premier Indoor Cycling & Yoga Studio will open its second location August 15 in the City of Bee Cave at the Shops at the Galleria. Resolute currently operates one location in Steiner Ranch at the Quinlan Crossing Shopping Center. The quickly growing brand, funded by Austins Liahona Ventures, plans to expand next to Dallas and Houston.

About Resolute Fitness

Resolute Fitness is a boutique Indoor Cycling & Yoga Studio combining entertaining, high-energy, total-body classes with an unprecedented customer service experience. Resolute believes that the combination of cycling and yoga offers everything one needs for total fitness; body, mind and soul. Schedules offer guests the opportunity to follow every cycling class with yoga if they choose to do both.

Resolute Cycling is a high-energy, total-body class that challenges, uplifts, and energizes. Designed for all levels, this 45-minute ride incorporates high-intensity intervals of sprinting and climbing with a short segment of upper body weights for a total-body workout. The state-of-the-art cycling room offers stadium-style seating, club-like lighting and excellent sound.

Resolute Yoga is an accessible, invigorating yoga practice with a focus on core work. Designed as a complement to the cycling classes or as a stand-alone workout, this power vinyasa flow combines lengthening and stretching moves with fluid, challenging sequences. Classes are crafted to be accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners, from first timers to advanced practitioners.

Classes and Memberships

Resolute Fitness offers payment options suited to each guests attendance goals and budget. There is a pay-per-class option, with a savings for those purchasing 10 classes at once.

Resolute also offers three levels of membership. Referred to as “Commitments,” the memberships are described as “Decided” (2 classes per week), “Determined” (4 classes per week) or “Resolute,” a truly unlimited option, which includes free shoe or mat rentals, as well as free water with each class.

About Liahona Ventures

Liahona Ventures is an Austin, Texas based boutique investment fund that makes hands-on investments in the consumer space. Liahona investors are entrepreneurs themselves who prefer early-stage investments and the opportunity to develop mentoring relationships with their portfolio companies. Liahona will frequently partner with larger funds for more capital intensive opportunities.

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SmartBowler, the Only Online Pro Shop Network, Releases Infographic Titled SmartBowlers Tips for Choosing a Bowling Ball

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St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

The infographic outlines helpful tips for selecting the best bowling ball for an individual bowler. Bowling balls are continually undergoing technological changes. Over 100 models of balls are introduced each year. SmartBowler pro shop technicians keep up with this technology and should be a key resource in selecting a new ball. The Ball Guide is the best resource for bowlers doing research on line.

Starting with the basics, bowling balls come in weights from six to 16 pounds. Beginners, especially children should be careful to pick a ball that is not too heavy. As a rule of thumb, dont pick a ball that weighs more a pound or two more than 10 percent of the bowlers weight. A ball that is heavier than a bowler can manage could cause injury. On the other hand, a ball that is too light is also difficult to control because the bowler tends to muscle the ball instead of letting gravity do the work. Using a ball that is too light will result in an inconsistent arm swing and release point. Note: the most popular weight for professional bowlers is 15 pounds.

Second, the bowler should consider his/her experience level and style of play. While more advanced amateurs use the same models of bowling balls as professionals, beginners and intermediate bowlers will often find the advanced balls difficult to control. Bowlers should recognize that there is a learning curve. Remember the two As of bowlingaccuracy and action. The most advanced balls are designed to produce the maximum pin action, presuming that the bowler has developed the accuracy to hit the pocket consistently. Bowlers should select a ball that they can control.

Third, bowling ball choice should depend on where a bowler plays regularlythe location. Will the bowler be bowling in a league at the same center each week or is the bowler in a metropolitan area bowling at different bowling centers? Consider no lane is created equally and choose a ball suited for your specific lane conditions. If the lanes are usually slick, a ball with more gripping potential should be selected. The Ball Guide is especially useful in selecting a ball with more or less hook potential.

Lastly, for bowlers who purchase more than one ball a year, it is important not to waste money on purchasing multiple balls that are essentially the same ball with different names. With several major manufacturers pumping out balls each month, many balls are very similar and some cost much more than others. Again the Ball Guide is a great resource. Improve your arsenal with each ball purchase.

Columbia Healing Cream Introduces a Way to Rejuvenate and Repair Your Sun-Damaged Skin

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(PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Its now the heat of the summer, the time of the year to shed the shoes and winter coat and go outside and bask in the beautiful weather. But too much of a good thing can do serious damage its important to take proper precautions before spending a day in the sun.

The American Academy of Dermatology offers these skin care tips to Stay Safe in the sun:

Cover all exposed skin with a liberal amount of a water-resistant sun screen every 2 hours.
Wear protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
Seek shade when possible.
Reduce exposure when the suns rays are strongest: from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
While many enjoy being out in the sun, few ever take these necessary precautions to prevent skin damage. In fact, the overwhelming majority believes sun exposure is good for the body and that people with tans look healthier and more attractive.

Sadly, the opposite is true.

As it turns out, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) lighteither from the sun or tanning bedscauses most of the skin changes that makes people look older as they age. This news may come as a surprise, but in many cases the sun could be doing more harm than good.

What are the effects of overexposure to the sun?

The damaging effects of the sun’s rays can be broken down into short-term and long-term effects.

Short Term

Sunburn – One of the most familiar and painful effects of sun exposure is sunburn.

Long Term

Loss of elasticity – The UV component of sunlight breaks down collagen and makes skin less supple. Not only recreational beach goers but also people who work outdoors for extend periods such as farmers, sailors, parking lot attendants, lifeguards, etc. are susceptible to these negative effects on the skin that yield leathery, weather-beaten skin.
Wrinkles – Loss of elasticity, combined with gravity, can make skin sag and wrinkle.
Dry skin – Especially on the lower legs, elbows and forearms.
Age spots – Sometimes called liver spots, they have nothing to do with the liver. These flat, brown spots bigger than freckles, while harmless, they mar the face, hands, arms, back and feet.

Columbia Healing Cream is an effective treatment for skin that remedies the short term and also counteracts the long term effects of the sun’s rays.

What is the first thing sun goers should put on their skin after it burns (how to treat a sun burn)?

Columbia Healing Cream contains vitamins, minerals, moisturizers and a highly effective preparation of aloe vera gel they have dubbed “Cold Pressing” that yields the most potent and least processed aloe isolate. Cold pressed aloe is far stronger than other aloe products that are processed with heat. This attention to minute detail in Columbia’s labs yields twice the healing enzymes, twice the vitamins, twice the soothing amino acids for enhanced skin repair. Aloe gel itself contains more than 75 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes. It has healing and anti-inflammatory hormones that treat skin burns and dry flaky skin, making it an effective treatment for sun exposure. According to the Mayo Clinic, topical aloe gel has properties that may improve wound healing and skin inflammation.

What about counteracting the long term negative effects of the suns potentially harmful effects?

Columbia Healing Cream stimulates the bodys natural hydration process. This unique formula consists of vitamins, minerals and plants, which completely absorb into the skin. Most other moisturizing products are barrier creams and lotions. That is, they remain on top of the skin and leave a protective film to keep the skin from harmful elements. Barrier creams are greasy and they can actually clog the pores of the skin, creating an interruption in the skins breathing process.

Columbia Healing Cream behaves differently a difference that can be felt at first touch. Within a matter of seconds, the cream gets totally absorbed into the skin (leaving no greasy film), where it begins to hydrate and rejuvenate.

In addition, it contains Aloe Vera gel which contains vitamins C and E that fight aging by keeping skin firm and tight. The healing qualities of aloe gel have been utilized for centuries – the ancient Egyptians even called aloe the “plant of immortality.”

Columbia Healing Cream has been clinically proven to help skin look and feel younger.

In a study conducted in June 2011, 100% of the control group noticed their skin felt softer and smoother and had greater elasticity within two weeks of using this product. Columbia Healing Cream combines vitamins, minerals and plants to create a full body moisturizing system that protects, soothes and helps heal the skin while it enhances the body’s natural hydration process. Skin repair and hydration are exactly what is needed after exposure to the burning sun’s rays.

This product is produced and distributed by the country’s oldest family owned skin care products company, The F.C. Sturtevant Company. It can be found at fine pharmacies, spas, salons and through dermatologists nationwide. This product and all other Columbia brand products are also available online.


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