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Introducing a True Design Breakthrough: At Long Last, a Stylish Answer to the Dreaded Fanny Pack

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Winchester, MA (PRWEB) December 09, 2013

trbeca designs line of fashionable silk and ponte blend sashes conceal secure pockets that hold cash, credit cards, cell phones, even car keys! Best of all, trbecas sashes are so good-looking, one will want to wear them purely as a sophisticated accessory something one would never dream of doing with a fanny pack. For decades, the fanny pack has served as a utilitarian yet unappealing accessory for travelers, moms, athletes and others wishing to keep their valuables at hand while going “hands free.” Now finally, there is a chic alternative that makes a thoughtful and useful holiday gift.

Designed with many audiences in mind, these sashes are perfect for all those times its preferable wise, even to leave ones purse behind. From touring foreign cities to hitting the local playground with the kids to walking Fido on the beach or biking mountain trails, trbeca sashes provide freedom and function with a solid dose of fashion.

trbecas sashes come in three styles:

Casual Tie Sash: made of an easy-to-wear ponte fabric, this sash has three pockets. A zippered pocket conceals ones cell phone against the small of the back. Two other pockets, just the right size for ID, credit cards, cash, or a key, close with velcro. The design and fabric are so versatile that one can dress this sash up or down by wearing it with favorite jeans and a t-shirt.

$ 46.00; available in S/M & M/L sizes. (See online for sizing chart.)

Silk Tie Sash: This design is made of heavier weight dupioni silk, a fabric that ties and drapes beautifully. This is a sash for special occasions such as weddings, concerts, and other events and can serve as a knock-out addition to a formal dress or outfit. The Silk Sash has 3 pockets: a zippered pocket in the back for phone, and 2 pockets that close with velcro.

$ 68.00; available in S/M & M/L sizes. (See online for sizing chart.)

The Anne Buckle Sash: trbeca’s “Anne” buckle sash is a breeze to wear. Just add essentials to 2 pockets, clasp the buckle, and go. The buckle sash is made of ponte fabric with a small amount of stretch. A zippered pocket against the small of the back holds most cell phones. A second pocket in front closes with velcro and can hold cash, passports, credit cards or a key. This sash complements a range of styles; it looks just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a business casual outfit.

$ 46.00; available in XS, S, S/M, M/L, L and XL. (See online for sizing chart.)

All sashes may be purchased online at For samples, images or interviews with the designers, please contact Rebecca Watson, rebecca(at)trabeca(dot)com or Tracy Ashton, tracy(at)trabeca(dot)com.

About trbeca design:

trbeca design was founded in 2012 in Winchester, MA by Tracy Ashton and Rebecca Watson. After meeting one day for coffee, both lugging unwieldy purses and fumbling with keys and cell phones, they lamented the exasperating Purse Problem: the nuisance of shouldering that extra baggage when only a phone and some cash was needed. They agreed there had to be a better way a way to simplify life without sacrificing style. The other “hands-free” options out there from passport holders to fanny packs just didnt hit the mark.

That was the day they vowed to find a functional yet fashionable solution, one that offered women both style and true hands-free security. More than a years work followed, and today, theyre pleased to offer trbeca designs sashes to consumers and retailers through the companys web site:

A product of community, trbeca design is homegrown in the best sense of the word. The products are manufactured in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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