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Fashionistas who need to unload clothes? There's an app for that
Ensign said she's never thought she'd ever use a smartphone to shop for clothes, let alone sell them. She was even wary of trying to sell cheap vintage clothing through eBay, a popular platform for second-hand, vintage items. "That was too scary," the 28-year …
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Old Clothes Find New Life on the Internet
One person's garbage is another's treasure is particularly true when it comes to old clothing. You may be sick of that blazer hanging in your closet but dozens of people online may fall in love with it, which is why selling Thrift store can be lucrative.
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Online Consignment: Where To Sell Unwanted Clothes
Fortunately, the burgeoning used clothing industry is making it even easier to find a second home for your unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags, and to make some money while you're at it. Each company operates a little differently, but …
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Everything Summer Camp Helps Campers Label All of Their Camping Gear

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Boyd, Wi (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

In a review of 1000 packing lists that summer camps give to their campers, 85% stress the point of labeling everything. It stands a much better chance of returning home when it’s labeled. In this day and age, there are plenty of different kinds of labels out there on the market, made for labeling pretty much anything!

For labeling camp clothes, iron-on clothing name labels are a very popular way to go. Labels that iron onto clothing can be found in a slight range of prices, anywhere from around $ 8.00 to $ 20.00. Clothing labels are made of different materials and printed in different ways so some are more expensive than others.

Another popular way to label clothing for camp is with a clothing stamp. With a stamper, an ink pad, and the push of a hand, the fast, crisp, clean black label appears on any light colored clothing. Its by far the quickest method to label clothing.

Of course, there is one other way to label clothing: the manual way. Get a set of laundry markers to label belongings with initials or find some other, unique way to label clothes. For any dark clothes, Sharpies white paint marker will get the job done.

For any items that are sure to get wet during a summer camp stay, waterproof name labels work great. Make sure not to drink out of someone elses water bottle. Definitely dont use someone elses toothbrush! There wont be any confusion with a waterproof sticker.

We have seen quite an increase in campers purchasing name labels over the last few years, says Mark Sieglaff, the Vice President of Everything Summer Camp. Everything Summer Camp is a leading summer camp online outfitter with a wide variety of name label choices. They started 26 years ago making durable footlockers and since then have expanded into a one-stop-shop for summer camp gear.

About Everything Summer Camp

Everything Summer Camp has been helping kids get ready for summer camp since 1987. Their wide selection of camping gear includes camp trunks and other camping supplies. Top selling items include water bottles, cot-sized bedding, rain jackets, insect repellent, iron on labels, and more. Known for their customer service and fast shipping Everything Summer Camp is recommended by more camps than any other camp outfitter.

Visit to learn more about camp footlockers, name labels, duffel bags, and camping supplies.

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Sell Clothing Online: In this tutorial video, Dresm’s friend Lisa, gives you the low down on how to best prepare and display your clothing to h…
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Nigeria Clothing Sales Can Be Increased Without Breaking The Budget According To A Report Published By Wholesale Business,

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(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

How to sell more clothing in Nigeria without breaking your budget has been addressed by a new report written for Nigerian clothing retailers by Donny Lowy, the CEO of Closeout Explosion is a New York overstock business that supplies wholesale designer clothing to resellers both in the United States, and abroad, including to boutiques in Nigeria.

The report published by Donny Lowy focuses on essential strategies that can be used by retailers, whether they be located in Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt, to dramatically increase their buy second hand clothingess. Closeout Explosion reviews tips that are used by wholesalers and retailers to expand their customer base and produce additional revenue from their client database. What should make these retail strategies so attractive to Nigerian retailers is that they can implement them without having to spend money on advertising in the Nigerian Tribune, or having to rent out a larger store in the Palms Shopping Mall.

I have had the pleasure of supplying closeout office suits, overstock social dresses, surplus corporate shoes, and wholesale apparel pallets to businesses in Nigeria. Through my Brooklyn closeout business I have seen first hand the potential for American designer products in Africa. Through this report I hope to help my clients expand their businesses, since I realize that as a wholesaler the continued success of my business is correlated to how profitable my customers can become, said Donny Lowy, whose website offers many tips, strategies, and ideas for doing business in the largest wholesale African fashion market.

The report covers important retail business ideas such as:

3 Methods For Increasing Your Clothing Sales

The Importance Of Increasing Your Average Sale

How To Motivate Your Customers To Shop More Often

A Great Strategy For Picking Up Sales On A Slow Day

How To Structure Bonuses That Can Get Your Customers To Buy More

The Benefits Of A Retail Membership Plan

A Crucial Ingredient For Retail Success

What You Should Be Giving Nigerian Bankers If You Want To See More Of Them In Your Boutique

The Best Place To Shop For Wholesale For Nigeria Products

The market in Nigeria for fashionable apparel is huge, so the potential to make money is definitely there, but so is the competition. But with the correct implementation of solid sales ideas, a Nigerian dress shop can stand out in the marketplace, added Donny.

Closeout Explosion has a Brooklyn based warehouse that carries department store overstock, high end store returns, overstock merchandise, and liquidation closeouts. Resellers can fly Nigeria Airways, Arik Air, or the airline of their choice and visit the wholesale showroom, or place their order online through the closeout website. Shipping to Nigeria can be sent freight collect with Express Air Freight, Impex, Grandbelle, Concord, or the shipping company that the buyer prefers.

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The arrival of the Christmas T-Shirt is nigh

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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 9 October 2012

The traditional Christmas jumper swiftly morphed from novelty item to a genuine fashion piece and is now a well-regarded style throughout the world. Now the new Christmas T-Shirt looks set to do the same, in particular by providing a style statement for the fashion-conscious young.

The Christmas T-Shirt is a much more versatile garment than the jumper as it can be worn indoors in warmer conditions as well as under shirts and jumpers. It will look great matched with jeans for a casual look or worn as part of a smarter outfit. As a result, the style will prove to be popular not simply during the colder months but throughout the year.

Fashion company Jolly Clothing is spearheading this new trend with their range of stylish tees which look set to take the U.K by storm this coming Christmas. The look they have achieved steers towards the vintage, distressed style which is currently en vogue and they combine this with a traditional Fair Isle aesthetic.

Their first range will include limited edition designs and anticipation of selling out quickly is high, with retailers and stockists advised to act quickly. For the consumer, the brand is launching this fashionable new collection with an exciting competition – the chance to win a Club 18-30s holiday for 2 to Ibiza, a family holiday or a trip to New York.

Jolly Clothing is a fresh, new brand full of vitality and fashion nous. They are based in the U.K and dressing people stylishly in quality clothing is at the heart of what they do – all their designs are hand-printed using water-based ink.

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