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Research on North American Business Travelers Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015 Report by

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Albany, NY (PRWEB) May 10, 2014

North American Business Travelers’ Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015 is a new report by Conlumino that analyzes prevailing trends in airport retailing and explores how business dynamics are set to change in 2014-2015. This highlights the key drivers and barriers influencing customer opinion and purchasing pattern, and identifies preferred product categories, frequently used payment modes and business optimization activities adopted by airport retailers.

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Key Findings:

-The highest percentage of North American business travelers’ spend ’15 min or less’ at duty paid airport retail outlets during 2014

-For majority of business travelers from North America, shopping at airport retail stores was ‘less than 5%’ of total shopping during 2014

-’Utilization of time’ and ‘last minute gifts’ are key factors motivating North American business travelers to purchase at airport retail stores

-96% of North American business travelers’ prefer global brands for ‘perfumes, cosmetics and personal care’ products.


This report examines North American business travelers’ opinion about the current trends in airport retailing and their retrospective effect on the marketing activities and business expansion plans adopted by the retailers. Furthermore, it analyses preferred business travel destinations, shopping frequency, purchasing pattern, and average expenditure. In addition, the report examines time spent, brand preferences, as well as browsing frequency pattern of North American business travelers.

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

-Business travelers’ average time spent at airport retail outlets: evaluates time spend per visit by business travelers to an airport retail outlet

-Business travelers’ percentage volume of shopping at airport retail stores: determines what percentage of business travelers shopping was done at airport retail stores

-Business travelers’ expenditure on product categories: evaluates expenditure of business travelers on specific product categories per visit

-Business travelers’ purchases at airport retail stores: determines what percentage of business travelers’ purchases at airport retail stores are pre-planned or impulsive

-Business travelers’ key drivers of demand growth in airport retail: identifies key factors which are motivating business travelers to purchase at airport retail stores

-Business travelers’ leading concerns in shopping at airport retail outlets: analyzes key challenges faced by business travelers when it comes to shopping at airport retail outlets

-Frequently used payment facilities by business travelers: identifies mode of payment which are frequently used for shopping at airports by business travelers

-Activities for better footfall: examines activities which can be adopted by airport retailers to optimize their businesses.

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Reasons to Buy:

-The report will analyze the shopping pattern of North American business travelers at airport retail stores and evaluates the average time spent per visit to an airport retail outlet

-The report identifies top selling retail products to enable airport retail outlets to allocate their marketing activities and budgets effectively

-The report helps airport retailers to restructure planning and operations by understanding the significance of airport websites and ‘shop and collect’ facilities

-The report guides users to implement payment facility by understanding the importance of different modes of payment across the airport retail industry

-The report provides information about impulsive or pre-planned product purchasing trends at airport retail outlets.

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Pureology Distributor NewVo Beauty Comments on the Use of Organic Hair Dye in Salons

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Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

On May 21, following an article that details the use of organic dye products in salons, NewVo Beauty comments on the benefits of avoiding harsh chemicals on your hair.

According to an article featured in The Mayo News, organic products are making their way further into salons. Organic hair dyes are now being used because they do not harm hair like chemical dyes do. The long term effects of using a chemical dyeing process can ultimately be costly.

Organic dyes such as Organic Colour Systems contain no ingredients that are considered harmful to your hair, according to the article. Its unique soya oil-delivery system softens the cuticle, allowing gentle heat to open it, working the colour into the hair shaft, creating a permanent result. The most notable ingredient missing from it is ammonia. The dye contains no harsh smell like traditional chemically enhanced products do.

Hair coloring is one of the most damaging processes that you can subject your hair to, especially if its done frequently, says NewVo Beauty representative Sara Greenstone.

The harsh chemicals contained in dyes and hair products can do more damage than good, despite what the products labels may say. In order to combat hair damage, try using more organic or chemical-free products. For example, Pureology is a great hair care line that contains zero sulfates.

The article continues to detail why more salons start using organic products. Since weve all become more aware of organic ranges in food, vegetables and clothing, it seems only natural that we should apply the same level of awareness to caring for our hair, says the article.

NewVo Beauty sells over 5,000 professional beauty salon products. Committed to providing quality, hard-to-find premium products and great service, NewVo Beauty offers high-demand salon merchandise at affordable prices. Theyre available 24/7 to answer any queries to ensure customers have a great buying experience.


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