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Indoor Cycling Studio Keeps Top Celebs Fit

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(PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Supermodel, actress, and Supermodel Me judge Ase Wang, along with Gold Restaurant chef Harlan Goldstein, are keeping themselves in shape by cycling, but going nowhere, at the indoor cycling studio Hong Kong. Both these well-known personalities can be seen two or three times a week at TORQ Cycle which is Hong Kong’s first independent spinning/cycling studio.

TORQ Cycle is a complete cardio work out incorporating cycling, pilates, Muay Thai, boxing and yoga. Riders focus on their workout to a mix of high energy music hand-selected by the TORQ in-house DJ.

Each bike can be customised to the individual rider who can set the speed, resistance, RPM and power to their own level of comfort. The workout is designed to sculpt the upper body, strengthen the core and tone the arms all while burning fat on the cardio level.

Indeed, it does exactly that, as chef Harlan Goldstein recently found out in a challenge with chef Alvin Leung. After three months of training at TORQ Cycle, together with a healthy diet, the friendly competition between celebrity chef Harlan Goldstein and demon chef Alvin Leung culminated in a recent weigh in. Supporters of both men were at TORQ Cycle to see Goldstein narrowly take the trophy for the Summer Slim Slam Challenge from Leung.

Riders’ performances are uploaded wirelessly to a computer console that tracks speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned, RPM, watts and time. All of the stats can be accessed online at any time. Adam Fabbian, a former professional Muay Thai fighter and professional rugby player is one of the top trainers at TORQ Cycle and uses spinning himself to keep in good shape.

The bikes used at this indoor cycling studio are the latest Schwinn Authentic Cycling series and have a host of technical features. Riding them gives exactly the same feeling that a cyclist would get riding on the road.

After the workout session, which can last for 50 minutes or 90 minutes, riders can take a shower in a spa quality shower room. A range of workout clothing and accessories is available at the studio.

There is no membership requirement at TORQ Cycle – riders can book an individual session as they need it, or a package deal.

Not only do these indoor cycling studios like TORQ keep riders fit and help them to lose weight, but they may very well find themselves cycling next to Ase Wang, Harlan Goldstein and other celebrities.

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