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Vintage Clothing Wholesale


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South End tailor keeps Boston in stitches
Cutler, who needed the finished shirts for a photo shoot in Montana to promote the Spring 2015 collection, tried to explain that the designer in New York hadn't sent the necessary supplies to finish the pockets. “You need to send what you're going to …
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The world's best markets
Most popular with students and young tourists, there's something here for everyone – heavy metal T-shirts, bean bags, bicycles, jewellery, records, vintage coats. Hanging out is as much a part of it as the shopping, and there's a mouthwatering mass of …

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Ruhi: On-Trend and Quick-Turn

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Ruhi: On-Trend and Quick-Turn
She eventually opened up her own vintage clothing in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she launched Shown to Scale as an in-house line. When she started, Labson … I had to learn how to run, produce and ship a wholesale line in about two months,” she said.
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Call 12: Donations for children of veterans are a profit pipeline for chain of
Although donors could be led to believe their donations are going directly to the families of U.S. servicemen and -women, the clothes and other goods often end up on sales racks or sold overseas in the highly profitable secondhand-clothing market …
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Fashionable treasures from The White Cabinet
That's because as early as the Greenport resident can remember, a parade of beautiful women would visit her family's expansive Upper East Side apartment in the 1960s to pose for her mother, the late fashion illustrator Hilda Glasgow. Well before the …
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