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If you want to see outfits with these handbags let me know in the comments! Hope you all are liking my channel. Keep in mind this is not supposed to be a sho…
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All handbags and jewelry are 100% genuine and guaranteed for authenticity Let write letters to each other! Dulce Candy P.O. Box 8844 Ca…
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(PRWEB) September 19, 2012

The fashion industry is one of fascination and mystery to most people. We dream of ever getting a front row invitation to Fashion Week, and while were at it, we imagine what designers we would wear if given infinite resources. Will the street style photographers shoot us? Will Anna Wintour think were fabulous? But, to most people, thats just a dream.

However, there is one thing that can get us closer to this wonderful world: designer eyewear. If you think about it, thats a very convenient way to own a designer piece and without feeling guilty that you broke the bank. If you enter a Gucci store, youll find handbags that go for almost $ 5,000, watches for as high as $ 720 and dresses for $ 2,600. Thats far from affordable, unless youve recently inherited a fortune. However, as fashion experts, we can understand how the prices are justified: theres a certain quality that only designer pieces offer, with extremely high quality fabrics and manufacture, topped with a lifetime of experience. The design process for a collection takes an entire season, and original ideas are priceless. So how will you be able to afford a designer piece, like the true fashionista that you are?

A pair of Gucci sunglasses at Glasses on Web is an average of $ 220, while in Gucci stores the average is $ 340. This shows exactly how much more affordable our products are, even though theyre authentic, brand new and flawless. Since we sell exclusively online, we dont have to pay rent, like one would for a brick and mortar store, and that already decreases our overall expenses. More than that, some of our frames could be from a past season, meaning that we can afford to offer a smaller price to our customers. Most of our frames come on discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off, and we ship every package for free in the U.S. The glasses always come with their matching designer case, with the cloth for cleaning and their certificate of authenticity. Some of our sunglasses are sold for as low as $ 42 (Anne Klein AK5120), with everything included! Suddenly, designer pieces are way more accessible! And this is where you come in: just pick your favorite brand and browse our catalog at Glasses on Web for the frame that suits you best.

About the author: Daria, freelance writer and fashion blogger, social media enthusiast and passionate used clothesper. Currently blogging at about designer eyewear.

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