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Where To Sell Used Clothes

Poppin' tags: the art of secondhand shopping

Andrew is the man behind the mic on the amazing Mixergy podcast. But he knows so much about business and being successful! So I brought him out, to learn his secrets of his no excuses approach, how he thinks, how he started his first business and now Mixergy. He talks about what he did wrong too. Plus you will learn some great interviewing tips! I love how Andrew is so down to earth and willing to learn, and pick apart each approach (even his own!)
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This Just In About: Where To Sell Used Clothes

Poppin' tags: the art of secondhand shopping
While the song might have brought new attention to secondhand and antique stores, the art of reselling gently used items is far from new. Manhattan contains a number of shops that sell used items ranging from vinyl records and eight-tracks to clothing, …
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Online luxury gives used maternity clothes new twist
I wasn't making money, but I was used to being able to buy vintage clothes stores," said Shanfeld, who grew up in Beverly Hills, the daughter of a screenwriter and real estate developer — and granddaughter of the late comedian Phil Silvers. Shanfeld found …
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Once Upon a Child Store to Open in Newark
For more information, visit What do you think of this type of store coming to Newark? Parents, would you sell your child's gently used clothing? Tell us in the comments section below. Know of a business opening or …

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