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Match My Monogram Puts the Happy in Holidays

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(PRWEB) November 13, 2013

Match My Monogram the first and only online marketplace for consumers and businesses alike to upcycle unused personalized items is excited to finally offer moms a place to both buy and sell hardly used monogrammed luxurious holiday outfits. No mother can resist buying their little one a cute holiday-themed outfit with their name on it. Whether using for their annual holiday card, joining the family for a formal feast or sitting on Santa’s lap, little ones all over the world tend to wear their best outfits this time of year. Unfortunately, our children grow up quickly so it is impossible to get two seasons out of a darling outfit. Match My Monogram offers mothers all over a place to get a little back and buy at a reasonable price.

Match My Monogram believes offering a resell marketplace to parents all over will encourage them to continue purchasing gorgeous clothes for their kids. Now that moms can get a nice return on their investment they will be even more likely to splurge for a monogrammed Rudolph dress. In addition to buying new outfits, moms can also resell and purchase these beautiful pieces directly on Match My Monogram’s website.

Match My Monogram gives moms a place to sell their children’s once-prized items. Moms today tend to buy monogrammed items for their kids from an early age. Holiday outfits are only a part of a child’s wardrobe. Match My Monogram provides a unique place for moms to resell their entire personalized wardrobe.

A monogram tells a story. It conveys who we are. In an age where everyone brands themselves in the virtual world as well as in reality personalization has become king. Examples include the child wearing a high-end monogrammed outfit to school or the businessman carrying his custom briefcase through airports around the world. Match My Monogram grants the power to both the consumer and consignor as well as providing a tremendous outlet for second hand clothing and retailers alike.

Currently the space is experiencing a growth spurt. Match My Monogram launched due to this fact. Mothers all over the world love to personalize their childrens best outfits. The days of marking your children’s backpack or lunchbox with a sharpie are over. Big retailers and boutiques alike have joined the fray and are offering personalization on many items. People like things with their names on them. As shoppers continue to spend on customized items, the industry for gently used personalized goods will continue to grow. Owner Katy Chambers states, “The high-end monogrammed holiday outfit now won’t be stuck in the back of a drawer or thrown in to a closet; at Match My Monogram we upcycle these treasures.”

Match My Monogram connects consumers and sellers with the same name. Buyers can conveniently search by letter, name or initials. A match is a terrible thing to waste.

About the Company: Match My Monogram, founded by Katy Chambers, launched in July, 2013. Being a mother of two boys with plenty of outgrown monogrammed clothes and having wondered what to do with her personalized maiden name items, the question of what to do with the unusable pieces began to evolve in to an opportunity. Since the launch of the website, the product line has rapidly evolved from mostly children’s clothes to a marketplace with a variety of personalized items. Match My Monogram now works with many businesses providing them an outlet for samples and mishaps.

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