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Late Breaking News About: Cheap Clothes

Hold On To Your Hat, Because Forever 21 Clothes Are About To Get Even
This isn't a high-end brand trying to create a line of off-the-rack clothes for the common people. This is the cheapest of the cheap trying to compete with… what? Thrift stores? Obviously, F21 Red must bring with it a whole slew of ethical issues …
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Have Clothes Finally Gotten Too Cheap?
As anyone who's ever needed a going-out outfit the Friday before payday knows, Forever 21 is an eternal wellspring of cheap-yet-cute clothes. But, the retailer apparently has plans to make its offering even cheaper. Fashionista reports that on Saturday …
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13 Times Being Cheap Could Cost You More
"For a trendy piece, cheap may do, but when it comes to classic clothing that will stay in style for a long time, I spend more to get quality," explains Cross. "Cheap clothing shrinks, pills, and changes shape over time, so I prefer to pay for quality …
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