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Subscribe to VICE News here: Cambodia’s aggressive anti-trafficking campaign is designed to rescue and rehabilitate sex …
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18 Responses to Latest Clothes Cheap News

  • Kyle Towe says:

    The wonders of capitalism. Simply beautiful. The hopeless, the despair, the
    social upheaval, how delightful! Making the world a better place everyday!
    I cannot wait for the day a comet comes and wipes us out.

  • Daniel Hanneman says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind paying an extra 5 dollars or more so these workers
    could be paid more so that they can survive.

  • Babak Golshahi says:

    Cue the libertarians trying to blame it on the government instead of
    Private capitalism — woefully unable to understand systemic problems with
    capitalism because they have never actually studied marx, engels,
    luxembourg, or any of the socialist thinkers.. pathetically undersudied in
    the history of the soviet union, state capitalism, the russian revolution..
    I could go.

    It’s not that difficult to understand — private companies work for profit,
    not for the common good – it’s not personal and the CEOS of these companies
    are not bad people.. they are products of our capitalist institutions, and
    are motivated by the only real incentive in private capitalism — money. So
    like Apple, wages are reduced for american workers as the greedy tentacles
    of capitalist industry shove into anything that has even a scent of profit
    and people overseas get paid next to nothing for the hard product of their
    labor. Supply and demand cares very little about your human dignity or life
    at all. You’re a product.. just like the instruments of labor. Are we still
    not getting this by now? People still looking to Ayn Rand and other right
    wing economists to explain this away? Richard Wolff was on Maher a couple
    weeks ago. 

  • oterenceo says:

    Vice just pissed off Old Navy and H&M. They can say goodbye to those as
    sponsors as long as they do not take down this video. That took guts. I
    wonder how does Vice makes money?

  • 95thousandroses says:

    why the fuck do these people keep having kids? Why don’t they look around
    them and say, “hmmm I don’t think I want to have kids in this environment.”

  • JustSok says:

    I am a Cambodian living in America. It’s sad that those girls get only two
    choices: working in a dead end factory job or prostitution. The translation
    in this documentary was lack in detail, she said many things and you gave
    only one sentence. You did get the point across, but I think if I was to
    read those subtitle as a non-Khmer speaker. You might not really know what
    those girls are really going through. Over all, it was a great documentary
    beside from the translation. 

  • Robin Thomas says:

    No use of going after these girls..The US government pays 600 million
    dollars of their hard earned money to stop Human trafficking. So instead
    of harming these girls might be they can target the pimps and the Human
    traffickers…Break the trafficking routes. 

  • MuffinStab says:

    This is what happened when government trying to intervene the market. The
    market has its own rules, people’s will choose the best way they can find
    to fulfill their living condition just like darvin’s theory survival of the
    fittest, where nature choose the ones who fits the condition the most for
    surviving. If we tries to change the eco system just like how we would
    change the market the unpredictable consequences would appear. We landed in
    moon a generation ago but we learned it’s not beneficial if you plants too
    many trees recently, we have seen more severe and often forest fire because
    we have too many trees, and nature forest fire is part of eco system, we
    have less of those back in the days when we have right amounts of trees.
    It’s never a factor to bring government into the market because it will
    often ruin the natural progress of the economy and people’s choice. Which
    It breaks down into a simple term: everything involves with government will
    suck! I don’t know why would people’s need to rely on government to solve
    money issue, because government doesn’t make money, government needs to
    take things in order to make things, and you got to pay bureaucrats for
    things they are not good at, which is things like medicine, economy, canada
    has a good credit on free medical insurance but they still have troubles on
    humans right on medical marijuana, a patient needs more than what they gets
    in a box per month, but the Canadian government decided nop, 1 gram per day
    is more than enough for a patient, the doctors says it’s not nearly enough
    for a patient has prescribed but it’s against law for doctor to gave
    patients more than which they should consumed. Why don’t governments just
    get outta the way and let doctors do their job, and let people’s decide
    what they want to do, because people’s makes the market, and market makes
    money not governments who makes money, if a government makes money then
    that itself is a huge issue in the country.

    I feel sincerely empathy for those women due to the lack of living
    condition and quality in life, but that is something will enroll when
    there’s little amount of education Cambodians get, they shouldn’t have
    education for careers that pays 80 dollar a month, or any education that
    gets them jobs because there’s literally no job worth spending money and
    time on educations for, they should have more people’s receiving educations
    to create jobs instead so does any country in this world, it’s the small
    business that pushes nearly every major country in this world and it’s
    small business that employees most people and small business pays most tax
    in every major country, the aid wasn’t wrong, what’s wrong is the idea and
    how governments spend it. 

  • Tae gun says:

    Like it’s our fault they have to work in these conditions, if making
    clothes is that cheap why we still have to pay a lot of money for it.
    Remember Nike Air Max we pay those shoes 150$ and they make them for like
    10$. It’s not our fault is the fault of this corrupt capitalism and those
    big guys who never got enough money and don’t pay their taxes or pay a dime
    but a normal working citizen is getting robbed with taxes they just can
    keep themself happy (but in debt, so they have to work whole their life).
    Not saying it is has bad as you see these ppl bcz what’s happening
    overthere is just miserable those ppl got no life at all working day and
    nite for just paying their rent. I already heard somewhere China is too
    expensive so they go to even poorer countries as Vietnam, Cambodia, india
    etc… DOn’t blame us for this blame those fucking capitalists who are
    never happy even they make profit but not as much profit as last year so
    it’s good for them to take their bussines and go to an even poorer country
    were ppl and kids are forced to work for a dime….

  • tonyfalca says:

    Yeah.. the US gov’t pressures the Cambodian gov’t to “re-educate” these
    women so that their labor can be exploited reputably. Pimps aren’t the only
    ones who need to put food on the table. Nike needs cheap labor too.

  • Loco Roco says:

    beatiful women,such a shame they do this ugly work
    capitalism doesnt work ,because the man gets his money that gives him
    power,this man lives the life of privileged,on behalf of those who just
    maintaining to feed their families and survive
    communism doesnt work,because man gets his power and makes money of it
    ,which brings him life of privileged,on behalf of those who worship him as
    equal leader

    revolution will not change if humans are still the same,different systems
    leading to the same cause,the greed, the human love of power and the

    of course combodians work in bad conditions and paid bad salary for
    companies to make bigger profit ,theres no balance because theres no

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