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Second hand furniture shopping channel!!!

Video Topic Second Hand Furniture Store

Emmaus Bristol Secondhand furniture shop see our website, visit us for fab second hand stuff….
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A Japanese second hand store and some prices of Japanese stuff. Please rate however negatively. Now with English and Japanese Captions and Subtitles for English learners. You will get English or Japanese depending upon the language of your Youtube interface. To view Japanese subtitles 英語の字幕を見るのには To turn on the captions press the up arrow at the bottom right as shown in this image. For a discussion on how to add captions see

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22 Responses to Second hand furniture shopping channel!!!

  • timtak1 says:

    Indeed. “They don’t have the non bargain version” was hinting at the possibility of the “Hard On” store that I did not feel able to mention.

  • BelloBudo007 says:

    Well I feel like I’m stalking you. When I saw the sign Hard Off I realised it was better than calling it ‘Hard On’. If you know what I mean.

  • syuutarou69 says:


  • timtak1 says:


  • timtak1 says:

    imho 道が影響していないわけがないと思います。日本文化の基盤だと思っているからですが、かといって、もったいない方向への影響だと思っていません。

  • syuutarou69 says:


  • timtak1 says:

    I attempt to make that joke with my first line “They don’t have the non bargain version” but…it didn’t work. They don’t have a Hard On. 

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