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Restaurant Furniture Canada Helps Whyte Ridge Music Center in Winnipeg Update Its Seating

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Winnipeg, Canada (PRWEB) January 02, 2014

Whyte Ridge Music Centre is a family owned and operated full-service music school and retail outlet. They are proud to be celebrating eleven years of outstanding customer service, and a dedication to growing the love of music in the Winnipeg community and beyond. This year alone they will teach approximately 20,000 lessons to students, young and old, beginner and novice.

“As a venue that pulls in a wide variety of customers and students at different times of the day, Whyte Ridge Music Center was looking for commercial chairs and tables that were versatile,” Restaurant Furniture Canada sales representative Chris explained.

For seating, the owner of Whyte Ridge Music Center decided to go with Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Metal Checker Back Chair with a black sandblast frame finish and dark mahogany wood seat, which is currently available at the sale price of $ 44.

“The Metal Checker Back chair was perfect for what Jay and the team at Whyte Ridge Music Center were looking for,” Chris said. “It’s comfortable and functional, with the long-lasting durability that metal gives you, but also has a modern and sleek appearance which is ideal for creating an atmosphere that a hip, young crowd will appreciate, particularly with the black frame finish and the wood seat.”

Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Metal Checker Back Chair is also available in additional frame finishes and can be ordered with an American made padded seat in a variety of vinyl and fabric upholstery options. However, the solid wood seat which Whyte Ridge Music Center opted for on its Metal Checker Back chair is a point of pride for Restaurant Furniture Canada.

“The quality of our wood seats is one of the things that sets us apart from other restaurant furniture suppliers,” Chris stated. “Most companies use layers of plywood for their wood seats, which is less durable and lacks the authentic look of our real, solid wood seats. You can actually see the wood grain in our seats, whereas plywood has a flat appearance to it. Real wood absorbs wood stain deep into it, so you don’t get the scratching and denting common in plywood. And, most importantly, our real wood seats are about 30 percent thicker than plywood seats. They’re made to last in a commercial environment, unlike the plywood which starts to crack after a short time,” he added. “Also, as a responsible corporate citizen, the wood we use in our furniture is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).”

For tables the owner of Whyte Ridge Music Center decided to go with Custom Overlay laminate table tops. The attractive tables come in six different finishes. Wood edges may be finished in any in house stain or a custom finish can also be made for an additional charge. “The Custom Overlay Laminate Table Tops are very versatile and were just what the owner was looking for,” remarked Chris.

To browse Restaurant Furniture Canadas full selection of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths and patio furniture visit or talk to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for answers to all your questions on restaurant furniture.

Whyte Ridge Music Center is located at 123A Scurfield Blvd., in Winnipeg, Canada. They can be contacted at (204) 489-1200.

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Everything Summer Camp Helps Campers Label All of Their Camping Gear

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Boyd, Wi (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

In a review of 1000 packing lists that summer camps give to their campers, 85% stress the point of labeling everything. It stands a much better chance of returning home when it’s labeled. In this day and age, there are plenty of different kinds of labels out there on the market, made for labeling pretty much anything!

For labeling camp clothes, iron-on clothing name labels are a very popular way to go. Labels that iron onto clothing can be found in a slight range of prices, anywhere from around $ 8.00 to $ 20.00. Clothing labels are made of different materials and printed in different ways so some are more expensive than others.

Another popular way to label clothing for camp is with a clothing stamp. With a stamper, an ink pad, and the push of a hand, the fast, crisp, clean black label appears on any light colored clothing. Its by far the quickest method to label clothing.

Of course, there is one other way to label clothing: the manual way. Get a set of laundry markers to label belongings with initials or find some other, unique way to label clothes. For any dark clothes, Sharpies white paint marker will get the job done.

For any items that are sure to get wet during a summer camp stay, waterproof name labels work great. Make sure not to drink out of someone elses water bottle. Definitely dont use someone elses toothbrush! There wont be any confusion with a waterproof sticker.

We have seen quite an increase in campers purchasing name labels over the last few years, says Mark Sieglaff, the Vice President of Everything Summer Camp. Everything Summer Camp is a leading summer camp online outfitter with a wide variety of name label choices. They started 26 years ago making durable footlockers and since then have expanded into a one-stop-shop for summer camp gear.

About Everything Summer Camp

Everything Summer Camp has been helping kids get ready for summer camp since 1987. Their wide selection of camping gear includes camp trunks and other camping supplies. Top selling items include water bottles, cot-sized bedding, rain jackets, insect repellent, iron on labels, and more. Known for their customer service and fast shipping Everything Summer Camp is recommended by more camps than any other camp outfitter.

Visit to learn more about camp footlockers, name labels, duffel bags, and camping supplies.

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Cloth for a Cause Helps Families In Need by Providing Cloth Diapers

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Barrie, ON (PRWEB) March 11, 2013

Cloth for a Cause is a Canadian registered non-profit organization with a simple mission: they want to help struggling families with their diapering needs. They do this not by putting the family in a position of needing to request a box of donated disposable diapers every month, but by eliminating their need for disposable diapers entirely. Cloth for a Cause lends a stash of cloth diapers to families in need. This allows the families to use the money that they are saving to either build up their own cloth diaper supply or to better support their families in other ways.

Cloth for a Cause’s mission is also sustainable. When a loaned stash of cloth diapers is returned to them, they refurbish the diapers and then lend them to the next family in need. Cloth for a Causes simple mission started out with a very simple basis. Samantha Kealing, a young single mother, realized that she was not alone in her struggles. She saw the need for a low cost and sustainable system of distributing second hand cloth diapers to families in need, and realized that most diapers could be refurbished with a bit of sewing skill and effort. From there, Samanthas simple idea ballooned into a non-profit organization with chapters all across Canada and nearly seventy-five families helped.

Of course, all of the good intentions in the world will not achieve a mission of this nature without some support and organization. Theyve been very fortunate to find several corporate sponsors who aid us in our mission. Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, a Canadian cloth diaper company, is a sponsor of Cloth for a Cause, particularly the Barrie, Ontario chapter. The Barrie chapter of Cloth for a Cause has been able to help families by giving them Glow Bug Cloth Diaper “seconds” and other donations from the local cloth diaper community.

Any family that is struggling to meet diapering needs can go to Cloth for a Cause to fill out an application at

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is based out of Barrie, Ontario and has been in business since early 2011 manufacturing and selling cloth diapers. Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are best known for offering pocket cloth diapers that are high-quality, easy to use, fashionable and affordable. Glow Bug Cloth Diapers fit babies from newborn to potty training so you never have to buy diapers again, making them high-quality yet cheap cloth diapers.

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Prom dress sale helps save money for local girls, raise money for Project

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Prom dress sale helps save money for local girls, raise money for Project
Megan Harp, Ollivia Amick and Dallas Campbell compare their finds from the more than 500 dresses available at this weekend's Prom Dress Sale sponsored by Project Graduation Committee for the New Madrid County Central High School Class of 2013.
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Party, prom dress sale planned in Dickinson
It's time to clean out closets — picking out party, prom or bridal attendant dresses that won't be worn again. Donated dresses are needed for the upcoming Prom and Party Dress Sale from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge.
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Practical and Trendy helps Fashionistas Save Money

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New York, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2010

Cheap is the new black. Like many people, Brie Schmidt, a 26-year-old aspiring fashionista, lost her job in the great recession. To keep her spirits up, Schmidt decided to stay on top of the latest fashions while on an extremely small budget. This philosophy inspired Schmidt to create Practical and Trendy or, a website devoted to fashion news, trends, deals and commentary from a unique perspective — how to save money while being practical and trendy. Frugal fashion finds are chic, not cheap.

10 Practical and Trendy Tips:

1) Ask yourself how you want to change your wardrobe, why, and create a list of what you need to fulfill that change.

2) Set a budget. Create a price range for each item. Stick with it or wait for a coupon or sale.

3) Keep an open mind to various retailers, both online and offline. Many stores are changing their lines to keep up with current trends at more affordable prices.

4) Don’t be afraid to be fashion forward. Express yourself with creativity and inspiration.

5) Be effortless. Yes, this takes practice. No, it won’t happen overnight. Aim for simple threads, basic tops, and a favorite pair of jeans.

6) Invest in a statement jacket. This adds style and versatility to any outfit.

7) Accessorize! Accessories adds detail to the outfit – go from plain and boring to stylish.

8) Shoes. Whether it’s a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s or a pair of platform heels, shoes add character to an outfit.

9) Shop through discounters. Websites like, and eBay’s Fashion Vault sell overstock items from top notch designers and designer inspired items at a budget friendly price.

10) Keep your eyes peeled for one day only coupons (typically these are the best), friends and family promotions, flash sales etc.

“As Fashion Editor at, I constantly receive news of the latest sales from retailers,” said Brie Schmidt. “It’s addictive and fun to share these deals with like minded frugal fashionistas. My friends & family are always asking where I got this cute shirt I’m wearing. When I say H&M or Old Navy, they’re amazed that I get my clothing from price friendly shops! You just need to keep an open creative mind, stick to the basics, and try to mix & match with the items within your budget.”

Practical and Trendy




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