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2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic: Social Media & The Holiday Shopper, What Brands Need to Know

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2013

Clever Girls Collective, the content and social media agency that connects brands with female bloggers and brought you one of the most successful social media campaigns ever (#SFBatKid), today released their 2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic: Social Media & The Holiday Shopper. Clever Girls Collective surveyed a group of nearly a thousand holiday shoppers and found out how social media will influence their shopping and spending this holiday season. The results show that holiday shoppers find inspiration and deals across all social media channels and that no single social media channel wins out in terms of influence.

The results of our survey show that brands cannot be channel specific with their holiday social media campaigns, said Stefania Pomponi, Founder and President of Clever Girls Collective. Food and fashion blogs remain critical sources of information, as well as brand websites, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. An effective social media plan reaches all of these channels and can directly impact purchasing decisions.

To capture the widest audience, brands need to work with bloggers and offer coupons to drive the most effective campaigns, said Cat Lincoln, Founder and CEO of Clever Girls Collective. Clever Girls has an extensive network of bloggers and the ability to incorporate a variety of social media outlets into a single campaign.

Specifically Clever Girls Collectives 2013 Holiday Shopping Infographic survey found:

SmartBowler, the Only Online Pro Shop Network, Releases Infographic Titled SmartBowlers Tips for Choosing a Bowling Ball

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St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

The infographic outlines helpful tips for selecting the best bowling ball for an individual bowler. Bowling balls are continually undergoing technological changes. Over 100 models of balls are introduced each year. SmartBowler pro shop technicians keep up with this technology and should be a key resource in selecting a new ball. The Ball Guide is the best resource for bowlers doing research on line.

Starting with the basics, bowling balls come in weights from six to 16 pounds. Beginners, especially children should be careful to pick a ball that is not too heavy. As a rule of thumb, dont pick a ball that weighs more a pound or two more than 10 percent of the bowlers weight. A ball that is heavier than a bowler can manage could cause injury. On the other hand, a ball that is too light is also difficult to control because the bowler tends to muscle the ball instead of letting gravity do the work. Using a ball that is too light will result in an inconsistent arm swing and release point. Note: the most popular weight for professional bowlers is 15 pounds.

Second, the bowler should consider his/her experience level and style of play. While more advanced amateurs use the same models of bowling balls as professionals, beginners and intermediate bowlers will often find the advanced balls difficult to control. Bowlers should recognize that there is a learning curve. Remember the two As of bowlingaccuracy and action. The most advanced balls are designed to produce the maximum pin action, presuming that the bowler has developed the accuracy to hit the pocket consistently. Bowlers should select a ball that they can control.

Third, bowling ball choice should depend on where a bowler plays regularlythe location. Will the bowler be bowling in a league at the same center each week or is the bowler in a metropolitan area bowling at different bowling centers? Consider no lane is created equally and choose a ball suited for your specific lane conditions. If the lanes are usually slick, a ball with more gripping potential should be selected. The Ball Guide is especially useful in selecting a ball with more or less hook potential.

Lastly, for bowlers who purchase more than one ball a year, it is important not to waste money on purchasing multiple balls that are essentially the same ball with different names. With several major manufacturers pumping out balls each month, many balls are very similar and some cost much more than others. Again the Ball Guide is a great resource. Improve your arsenal with each ball purchase.