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Reselling Women’s Clothing on Ebay * Part I * Cato, Vintage, Wool ….You can do it!!!

Topic Vintage Women Clothing

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VISIT:- Summer/Winter Dresses By Blaque Ribbon Boutique Blaque Ribbon is a designer brand that make and supplies hand made womens…
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Clearance Clothes Haul Part 2!

Video Topic Clearance Clothes

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Torrid was running BOGO FREE on clearance, and BOGO 50% off on regular price. And coupons saved me even more. Lane Bryant had BOGO FREE on everything. Rant a…
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So Sew Vintage 1946 Vogue Dress – Part 1

Topic Vintage Clothing Patterns

So Sew Vintage 1946 Vogue Dress - Part 1

Join me as I vlog my experience sewing Vogue’s Vintage 1946 dress, V8728, and share some tips and tricks. This is my second dress in the series, so come and …
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Beginners Guide to Reselling Vintage Costume Jewelry on Ebay – Part 1 Cherry Vintage 2013

Video Topic Vintage Jewelry

Part 1 of my beginner’s guide to selling vintage costume jewelry on Ebay. This video is designed for men & women who have no clue when it comes to: what to b…
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Learning about vintage jewelry is more important today than ever. With the repurposing trend at an all time high, have you ever considered the value of the t…

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Do I or don’t I take that vintage piece apart to make a new design? What will I learn from doing it? Would it be better to make a vintage brooch into a focal…

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August sees Distinctive Wash Ltd featured as company of the month, as part of newly launched Buy From GBs campaign Lets Get Britain Exporting

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London, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Rugby, Northampton (PRWEB UK) 25 August 2013

As a new start up company, Distinctive Wash realises the importance of exposure and publicity getting the brand name out to the right people to attract sales, both in terms of direct sales and distributors, so Louise was delighted to be told that her company had been selected for feature. is a new way for British manufacturers and companies selling items made in Britain to advertise their products to interested home and foreign buyers through their new online directory. They are offering a free listing to any company that products qualify as made in Britain and their aim is to become the hub of all things made in Britain.

Distinctivewash has been receiving considerable worldwide attention since it launched, with a risqu

How to Prepare your House for an Infant : Essential Newborn Clothes: Part 1

Topic Infant Clothing

Some of the clothing items needed for a newborn, including home from the hospital clothing and onesies. Learn more in this free video on baby safety and care…
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I get asked the same questions alot so I have decided to save everyone time to make instructional videos on the things I know and use in the Sims 2 PC game. …
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Have you ever wanted to get good at sewing, thrift shopsing shops stores. Well look no further than this educational resource on How To Make A Baby-Gro. Follow Videojug’s in…
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New baby clothes from garage sale!! Part 1

Topic Baby Clothes On Sale

I was able to get some REALLY nice clothing from a garage sale!! Also quick 30 week update on part 3.

Showing you what I bought from a NCT Nearly New / Consignment Baby Sale. I’m very chatty on Twitter you know – ***DARE YOU CLICK TO SEE WHAT’S BELOW?*** CHATTER CHANNEL : BLOG – TWITTER – SHOP – PINTEREST – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – Sprinkleofglitr TUMBLR – Toodlepip! xx

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How to Thrift & Vintage Shop Part 1

Topic Vintage Shop

I am definitely a true Thift and Vintage Shopper and find it to be so fun as well as rewarding when I find something great for next to nothing. Check out this video series to find out Where to Thrift/Vintage Shop, how to thrift and used clothes and a few tips. Check out my blog and click the Thrift and the City link for more information. xo Monroe Steele
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