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How to Buy Maternity Clothes – Video

Video Topic Where To Buy Maternity Clothes – In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy visits Picket Fences Maternity Boutique to give you some pointers on choosing maternity cl…

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Super Cheap Clothing Video! Nike & Jordan shirts, shorts, sweats!

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SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more sneaker-related videos. Follow me for sneaker info and pics at:…
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Make a screen printing press to print t shirts for almost nothing. I built this one out of scrap wood and a few things from the hardware store. I do screen p…
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New York, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2014

Pregnancy is an amazing experience for many women and with it comes a myriad of emotions, but the one thing that every woman can count on is the physical changes.

Six weeks into my vintage clothes stores I couldnt button my favorite pair of jeans. I know it was expected, but I didnt anticipate my waistline to increase so early on. Felicia paid a visit to a local cheap vintage clothes locations to look for a few comfortable inexpensive jeans that would fit her through the duration of her vintage clothes stores. She tried on a few pairs from various designers, but realized that her options were limited in regards to fit, comfort and price. Finding a pair of nice fitting maternity jeans can be challenging and rightfully so. Maternity wear designers can’t determine how much each expectant mother’s shape will change; its a case-by-case scenario. Although a good amount of Lycra or spandex is incorporated into the pant waistband to accommodate a growing belly, fit challenges are still present for the lower region of the body. A second factor was cost; with so many expenses to consider after the birth of a child I didnt feel the need to invest so much for a pair of jeans that were uncomfortable, unflattering and also have a short shelf-life.” Felicia decided to take her old jeans and convert them into vintage clothes. In her YouTube tutorial she shows expectant moms and DIY lovers step-by-step instructions on how to convert their favorite denims to maternity jeans. Currently, her tutorial ranks #1 on How To Make Maternity Pants.

Another concern that every pregnant woman will encounter is the appearance of stretch marks. Although my mother had multiple births, she developed stretch marks during her first vintage clothes stores. I could have given in to the inevitable and developed stretch marks, but instead I began doing research on different stretch mark prevention oils and their effectiveness. Research has suggested that stretch marks are genetic and preventive oils will not assist in stopping them. Felicias first video was uploaded during her second trimester, in which she gives a brief overview on several products and provides other useful suggestions to avoid stretch marks such as diet and exercise. Her follow-up video shows her belly at 33 weeks stretch mark free. Felicia is currently 39 weeks and thanks to Mama mio tummy rub oil, diet and exercise she has been able to avoid stretch marks throughout her vintage clothes stores. Since some women notice stretch marks after delivery, she will be posting her final follow-up a few weeks after her delivery. Currently, both of her videos are ranked on YouTubes first page for How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy.


Felicia Zanguiabadi attended the Fashion Institute and has interned with world-renowned fashion designer Vera Wang. Determined to share her knowledge with others, she developed tutorials for sewing, draping, and designing garment pieces. Within a short amount of time, her videos were positioned among the top ten YouTube instructional videos. In November 2013 she also expanded her format to include easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

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Motherhood Maternity Video Review

Video Topic Motherhood Maternity

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Motherhood Maternity Haul

I’ve finally decided I am getting fatter everyday and should invest in some second hand shopes. I ended up running into a great deal at Motherhood Maternity a…
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Meet the Owners of Clothesline! – Open a Clothing Store – Clothing Store Developers – How to Video

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Watch this testimonial and you will quickly see how Discount Clothing Store Developers offers the most complete and affordable store packages available. Our …

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Topic Second Hand Shop

Thrift Shop on iTunes: The Heist physical deluxe edition: http://www.macklemoremer…
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Part one of two videos with tips for cheap vintage clothes locations shopping. Whether it be in charity shops or car-boot sales, there is an art to finding a bargain! Lucy Aitken…
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ABC Used Clothing Wholesale and Second hand Clothes for Export Video

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ABC Used Clothing Wholesale and Second hand Clothes for Export Video

Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Used Recycled Jeans Wholesale and for Export World-Wide and in Mia…
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Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Used Wholesale Export World-Wide Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Used Recycled Jeans Wholesale and for Export World-Wide Our Products Used Clothing Dealer, M…

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Popular Australian Custom Clothing Company Relocates to the US, Debuts New Explainer Video

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

After eight successful years in Australia, custom street wear company Reform Clothing has moved their base to the US this month. Citing interest from US markets as their reason for the move, Reform has already gained much fruition from orders based all over the country. They attribute their popularity to their highly customizable designs, offering a web-based design tool that allows the consumer to truly make the garment their own. As all garment are 100% custom-made to order, customers can customize absolutely everything, from the colors and styles through to the designs and personalized names on each garment. For those that are less design-savvy, Reform also offers in-house designers that work with their customers to create just the right look.

Founder Dan Dynon shares, “We wanted to start the company because the senior class garment options we were seeing out there were pretty dismal, usually just a logo slapped on a cheap t-shirt. Our garments are high-quality and fashion forward. These aren’t items that will be worn on the day they’re received and then discarded; we wanted to create something that would have lasting appeal, that students would actually want to wear. Our company’s culture is really young itself, so we feel like we really ‘get’ what students are looking for in these kinds of items.”

Like many companies that have great solutions to real problems, Reform Clothing needed an efficient way to simply explain their product and why schools should consider ordering from them. That’s when they turned to Fire Starter Videos, one of Hollywood’s top animation companies that specializes in helping companies explain what they do quickly using the power of animated videos.

Dynon is excited to use the new marketing tool he created with the animation company. “Fire Starter Videos nailed the cool, youthful look that is essential to our brand. We really feel like our potential clients are going to understand what sets us apart from our competitors when they watch the video.”

Reform Clothing offers a huge variety of customizable varsity jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, knitted sweaters, cardigans and more. For more information, visit

Fire Starter Videos make all kinds of animated videos from whiteboard animation videos, to animated cartoon videos to videos that demonstrate software. Their clients include MasterCard, UNICEF, Hayes, the World Bank, and more than 200 businesses, governments, schools, and other organizations. They are located at 7083 Hollywood Blvd.

To view examples of their work and commission a video, please visit their website at or email Adam Hudson at Info(at)FireStarterVideos(dot)com.

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CARY, NC (PRWEB) December 19, 2012 introduces its 2013 Premier Internet Business Site Collection. This incredible new collection of 14 internet businesses for sale has been created in some of the most popular niche markets in the online marketplace. The Collection includes:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and will continuously be introducing new sites to the Collection throughout 2013. It will also be offering more sister sites (such as, and to help clients expand their brand presence in the online marketplace by owning multiple internet businesses.

All Pure-Ecommerce internet businesses for sale come with a high quality, professionally designed site, as well as a 10- step training program and 40 hours of consulting to help burgeoning ecommerce entrepreneurs each step of the way! Every product featured on this site is drop shipped so no inventory is needed. It also allows for less overhead and gives owners more flexibility in managing their business and schedule. These sites feature upgraded designs as well as the addition of larger product counts, as well as Video Marketing and a Marketing Application and Site!

Pure-Ecommerce strives to be at the forefront of technology and incorporate the latest applications in all its internet business offerings. Varner wants her small business ecommerce clients to have all the latest and greatest technologies available to large ecommerce retailers. Pure-Ecommerce CEO Jennifer Varner says, Mobile and Video Marketing are vital to any ecommerce strategy and help the e-retailer stay competitive, increase sales, drive up SEO rankings, build customer loyalty, and much more. According to digital marketing technology company Monetate the growth in traffic on leading ecommerce websites over the past year has grown 103% with nearly 86 million Americans now shopping on their smartphones. And Practical Ecommerce says increasing numbers of online retailers will be using video in 2013 to increase sales, find new potential customers, and build brand relationships. Through personalized consultation and 24/7 access to an E-Learning Library, Varner and her team help clients understand how to use mobile and video marketing and design strategies to be best positioned to capitalize on these shifting market dynamics. celebrates its sixth anniversary in 2013 and has helped over 550 entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada start their own internet businesses. CEO Jennifer Varner founded Pure-Ecommerce after gaining experience and success through starting one of the largest online Thrift store, After selling her company, she began helping others realize their dreams of owning a business.

Buying a business from allows a budding entrepreneur to step into the business of their dreams with minimal start-up costs and low monthly and have someone personally mentor them through all aspects of setting up, running, and then growing an online business. Best of all, it provides them the opportunity to have a flexible schedule and to work when they want, where they want. A Pure-Ecommerce business can be run on a part-time basis while someone is still working or as a full-time business, depending upon the time one puts into growing their business. Pure-Ecommerces turnkey sites are especially attractive to budding mompreneurs and entrepreneurs; boomers looking for additional income to supplement their retirement; people looking for work-life balance; and the unemployed wishing to be their own boss and create their own destiny.

Pure-Ecommerce has been featured in several national magazines and websites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes and, as well as in national newspapers and on TV news programs. Pure-Ecommerce has also been selected as one of the top 50 Women-Owned businesses by Start-up Nation.

For more information on Pure-Ecommerce.coms 2013 Premier Internet Business Site Collection and other Internet Businesses for Sale, please visit or contact Jennifer Varner, CEO of at 919-649-3147.


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