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Reselling Women’s Clothing on Ebay * Part I * Cato, Vintage, Wool ….You can do it!!!

Topic Vintage Women Clothing

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9 Responses to Reselling Women’s Clothing on Ebay * Part I * Cato, Vintage, Wool ….You can do it!!!

  • timothy thomas says:

    you look great .im trying to get in to womens clothes not to wear .to sell
    how do you measure dresses pit to pit and length?

  • Kathleen Brown says:

    Hi & thanks for more good tips! Question: do you think it’s as important
    to do a full set of measurements for each woman’s item, just like we do for
    men’s shirts etc? I’ve never trusted womens sizes to run true, especially
    over the years. I’ve stayed away from womans clothing because of this.

  • blaqueribbonclothing says:

    @ChingLan3000……hope you can make it or if you can’t, feel free to buy
    the new winter collection off the website. Your a valued customer as
    always. xxx

  • ColaBling says:

    I love the skirt at 2:18 I gonna be buying loads of colours please. See ya
    in the summertime Leona Simms! By the way the dress at 2:11 …didn’t ya
    give that to Erika Badu?

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