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Vintage Pick Ups: T shirts, Sports Jerseys, Jackets for sale! Wholesale Clothing (HD)

Topic Wholesale Vintage Clothing

Thanks for all the latest subs! Here is a new video from our shop with some of our latest finds. If you are interested in any of these products please let us… Wholesale Vintage Clothing supplier in Melbourne Australia – created at

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10 Responses to Vintage Pick Ups: T shirts, Sports Jerseys, Jackets for sale! Wholesale Clothing (HD)

  • OfftoShambala says:

    I have an official NBA Bulls jacket with a second tag that says
    “Competion”… it looks vintage… probably the 90′s. What are some
    indicators that these official NBA NFL etc. items are actually vintage?
    Does anyone know anything about that “Competition” label? The year(s) it
    may have been sold or what that is an indication of? 

  • Anderson Cruz says:

    Mike let’s get in contact. Please leave your phone # so I can call you back.

    if you have skipe ID, add me: cruzanderson26

  • stellahsgroove says:

    hello there…can you please message me your contact information? I’m
    interested in purchasing wholesale. thanks

  • SlicedBread says:

    I really can’t believe someone would pay 20 bucks for that purple Myrte
    Beach shirt, and that Madi Gras one, YUCK! I mean don’t get me wrong I
    believe you, its just a figure of speech. I need to watch more of your
    videos. After watching this video I realize that I have no idea what I am
    doing. I mean someone would actually pay for that ugly shirt. I think I
    passed on three shirts like that at the Thrift store today. Thanks for the
    info! :) 

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